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The legendary story of Mehmet and his friends in the Ottoman state prepared for the First World War, the only dream is the resurrection and liberation of the state, and there is nothing Set in 19th century Istanbul, Filinta follows the adventures and intrigues of 'Filinta Mustafa' - a police officer.

Unfairly accused of a heinous crime, he must fight to clear his name "and Bosnia and Herzegovina's founding President Alija Izetbegovic tells his life from the first years of his youth to his last breath.

Guyaseddin passed on the throne when his father, Alaattin Keykubat, was poisoned and killed. But he is not a talented statesman like his father. This situation leads to the increase of After braving internal and external enemies, he decides to complete what he was destined to do - conquer Constantinople.

A woman and a man in the s; they will touch the destiny of a country with love and labor. The period after the Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror conquered Constantinople, moving towards Europe in the fifteenth centuryand Sultan Mehmed's determination to spread Islam in Europe by the superb morals of Muslims then. Blaster bulk sender Mongol invasions are getting more frequent, Yunus travels to Nallihan where he establishes himself as Seldjuk official.

I just finished the first viewing and expect to catch many more goodies in a second watching, or should I say, absorption!? This series is totally riveting and yes does suffer from poor translation!

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Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery.It arrived for online streaming on October 4, Did you know there are thousands of additional movies and shows you can watch by changing your Netflix country? Don't miss out! We'll keep checking Netflix Bangladesh for Yunus Emre: Season 2, and this page will be updated with any changes.

When Mongols invade, mystic Yunus Emre leaves home to travel across Anatolia, defying all odds to become a dervish. On the long and weary road to truth and transcendence, nothing can stifle the fires of divine love that burn within him.

Season 1 of Yunus Emre has 22 episodes. Because different Netflix countries have different availability for episodes, you'll need to check the episode listing below to see which are available in Bangladesh. You can also click on any episode below to get more information on which Netflix countries it is available in. As Anatolia wrestles with the aftermath of Mongolian raids, Yunus meets an old man on the road who has a profound effect on his life.

Yunus presides over the trial of a murder he encounters on the road, but the sheikh, Tabduk Emre, challenges his verdict. Yunus's sentence drives a wedge between him and the Brotherhood, and he appears before the sheikh regarding the appeal. The death sentence may change the course of Yunus's life, and he is torn between Tabduk Emre and the Brotherhood.

Realizing the gravity of his mistake, Yunus considers resigning to become a dervish under the sheikh. Yunus struggles within himself as he waits for the sheikh and the Brotherhood's response to his actions.

Tabduk Emre gives Yunus his first mission as a dervish, but Yunus is unaware of the difficulty of the task.

yunus emre season 2

Yunus adjusts to his new life at the lodge. Tabduk awaits Yunus's return, but his safety is not guaranteed. Yunus saves Demirci Bayram, but the mission pushes him to ponder resistance. Troubled by the sheikh's requests, Yunus wonders whether he will find what he seeks.

Tabduk and the Brotherhood discuss the Seljuks's status. Yunus is helpless to stop the raid, and the time has come for his return to Konya. Tabduk is cleared of the accusations made against him.

yunus emre season 2

Yunus is stranded on the road after falling from a horse, and comes face to face with a snake. A man Yunus once sentenced to death finds him and brings him back to the lodge, where Yunus sees his older self in a dream. Still unconscious, Yunus reacts physically to his dreams, creating disquiet in the lodge and worrying the sheikh. Yunus regains consciousness, and his body continues to heal with the help of Tabduk and family members. Yunus recovers, but cannot recall his past. Yunus comes to his senses and continues to repeat the mantra "I do not know.

For his new mission, Yunus disguises himself as a water carrier and observes people's conditions through the eyes of a dervish. Yunus learns greatly from every conversation with Tabduk Emre and becomes more determined to take action based on what he hears. Season 2 of Yunus Emre has 23 episodes. Surprises await Yunus at the lodge after his long absence. His new outlook changes the way he interacts with those at the lodge.

No one at the lodge has seen or heard from Yunus since his expulsion. Desperate at the bottom of the well, Yunus has no choice but to wait for a rescuer. Tabduk Emre hears surprising news. Yunus accepts his first assignment as adviser. Yunus is robbed on the way back from his mission. After realizing that he is a pawn in a game, he finds a way out of a predicament.Sign In. Tabduk Emre 45 episodes, Baran Akbulut Ahi Mesud 45 episodes, Mehmet Ali Tuncer Demirci Bayram 45 episodes, Ahmet Talay Yunus Guyende 45 episodes, Birand Tunca Dervis 30 episodes, Serhan Toksoy Saruhan 26 episodes, Pelin Orhuner Bacim Sultan 23 episodes Arda Kalayci Yetim Ismail 23 episodes Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar Candaroglu Argun Bey 23 episodes Ceyda Kasabali Sahinbey 23 episodes Seda Tosun Kira 22 episodes, Ruzgar Aksoy Minberci Hasan 22 episodes, Saygin Asan Sari Halil 22 episodes, Ergun Tas Dervis 3 episodes, Onur Can Karatas Edit page.

Add episode. Best Historical Series. VM-tv series. Share this page:. Clear your history. Yunus Emre 45 episodes, Tabduk Emre 45 episodes, Molla Kasim 45 episodes, Ahi Mesud 45 episodes, Boluluzade Ali Taygu 45 episodes, Demirci Bayram 45 episodes, Yunus Guyende 45 episodes, Dervis Cagri 45 episodes, Netflix is one of the most popular movie and television show streaming websites in the United States. There are a number of different sites out there but the most popular is Netflix.

Netflix offers shows of any genre you could every wish to see. There are thousands of shows and movies available on Netflix.

Most of the shows on Netflix are produced by third party producers, however, Netflix also produces some shows of their own. These shows are known as Netflix Originals. In recent months Netflix has begun streaming many different foreign shows. One of the most recent shows to be added to Netflix is the show Yunus Emre. Yunus Emre is one of the many foreign shows that Netflix has acquired in recent months. Yunus Emre is a great show for anyone who enjoys drama and religious shows.

Yunus Emre tells the story of an islamic man as he leaves his home during Mongol invasions. After he leaves he travels across the entire ottoman empire. On his journey he encounters a number of different hardships that make the journey difficult. Despite the difficulties he faces. The man continues on his journey.

This show is full of drama and interesting culture. There are currently two seasons of Yunus Emre streaming on Netflix. Yunus Emre is a great show for anyone who is interested in history, culture, and drama television. After conducting some research on this topic our team has found a way to predict an approximate release date for new seasons of shows.

Unfortunately there has been no word of Yunus Emre season 3 being produced as of now. We will continue to research the topic and inform you on the progress of Yunus Emre season 3 in the near future. Comment below if you want a third season of Yunus Emre on Netflix! Love this show! Please continue with season 3! Best show on television. Thanks for bringing the first 2.

Yes, please. I have many friends who would love to see the series continued.We do not have any jobs that is a secret to him. We thought his job… …was to transfer our property to Tapduk Emre lodge. Talk openly, do not beat around the bush. You need shades for houses, not words. You say flood after I die… …and prefer to donate the property to the lodge instead of leaving it to me. Are you dreaming standing up?

Yunus Efendi. We understand that your job is to transfer the valuable Son of Chandar property… …to your lodge.

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Where is this place that I am going to donate to Tapduk Emre lodge? Tell me that then. Do I lie, Yunus Efendi? Are you not going to donate the valuable property of Son of Chandar… …which is Bozyaka to Tapduk Emre lodge? I was at my sister, I wanted to return early. We took you to our bed and made you the lady of the mansion! But you went and betrayed us to my own son. I do not know what you are talking about… …but I did not betray you. Who else knows that I donated Bozyaka to the lodge?

Who knows and snitches to Shahin? May God be my witness, I did not say anything, sir. At least be honest and accept your sin!

yunus emre season 2

Look down in front of you! Nobles do not riot… …honey does not smell! Oil would smell because it is made of butter. If you wed to a woman with anonymous forefathers… …do not look for any other trouble, Son of Chandar. Get ready, take your assistant Aygul Sister and a guard with you… …and go to the estate in Camalani to stay there. Welcome Sister Zahide.

Thank you, Kasim Efendi. With your permission, fellow. Sister Zahide! It fell from you. It is not important.

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Could you talk with the mayor, master? He would listen to you. You cannot talk to everyone who listens.He wrote in the Old Anatolian Turkish languagean early stage of modern Turkish. Yunus Emre has exercised immense influence on Turkish literature from his own day until the present, because Yunus Emre is, after Ahmet Yesevi and Sultan Waladone of the first known poets to have composed works in the spoken Turkish of his own age and region rather than in Persian or Arabic.

His diction remains very close to the popular speech of the people in Central and Western Anatolia. This is also the language of a number of anonymous folk-poets, folk-songs, fairy tales, riddles tekerlemelerand proverbs. Yunus Emre was a Sunni Muslim. Like the Oghuz Book of Dede Korkutan older and anonymous Central Asian epic, the Turkish folklore that inspired Yunus Emre in his occasional use of tekerlemeler as a poetic device had been handed down orally to him and his contemporaries.

This strictly oral tradition continued for a long while. Poems of Sultan Yunus Emre — despite being fairly simple on the surface — evidence his skill in describing quite abstruse mystical concepts in a clear way.

He remains a popular figure in a number of countries, stretching from Azerbaijan to the Balkanswith seven different and widely dispersed localities disputing the privilege of having his tomb within their boundaries. His poems, written in the tradition of Anatolian folk poetrymainly concern divine love as well as human destiny :. Yunus is my name, Each passing day fans and rouses my flame, What I desire in both worlds is the same: You're the one I need, you're the one I crave. Reverse of the lira banknote [7] [8].

Yunus Emre Memorial, KaramanTurkey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yunus Emre. SivrihisarSultanate of Rumnow Turkey. YunusemreBeylik of Osmannow Turkey. Sufi orders. List of sufis. Notable early Notable modern Singers.And the music is wonderful; reed flute, oud, and drums, enhanced with strings and voices, and well aligned with the action. We meet Yunus Emre as he graduates as a Cadi, a judge of the Sharia law, at the preeminent Madrassa in Konya, Turkey, in the year CEand takes up his position in the city of Nalihan.

The new judge, dedicated to restoring and establishing justice, makes the wrong call in case after case, confusing his decisions with justice. In the process he meets the Sheikh, the spiritual teacher of the local dervish lodge—while raiding it, self-righteously, in search of a dervish whom he mistakenly believes to be a murderer—and discovers that the Sheikh is the illiterate and visually impaired old timer and storyteller who had been his traveling companion on the road between Konya and Nalihan.

Eventually, Yunus corrects his mistaken judgments, case by case, and resigns his high-status judicial position to become a lowly student of the Sheikh. The series seems to me to divide into three parts. Early in the first season, he is contemptuous of dervishes as uneducated and misguided slackers, yet he becomes one as a spiritual student of the Sheikh. I found it amusing when the translation differed between a scene happening in one episode and then its being featured in the extensive recap at the beginning of the next episode.

The acting is very good. The mayor, in season two, is worthy of Lear, and Molla Kasim, the dervish who can never get beyond the rules of conduct to the meaning of conduct, is a perfect contrast to Yunus. Yunus and the Sheikh, whose relationship is at the core of the series, kept me wondering what was going to happen next. And the Sheikh, responding to each situation with stories and unexpected instructions and actions, portrays a spiritual teacher in the world—the world of that time—in a way that feels valid and true.

Of course, this implies that the screenplay is well written, and the directing also true to its intent; otherwise it could not have been accomplished. And spiritual truth exists beyond the rules and formats which are there to help us approach it. Who was the Sheikh? I am watching this series and falling in love with Sufism Would like to more about the Sheikh.

The portrayal of Sufism here is indeed a portrayal, and of a 13th century format at that. What appeals to me in this portrayal is that it shows more of the psychological aspect of the spiritual path, as Yunus has to struggle with his pride, his certainty, his former training as a religious jurist and his estimation of the value of that training and of his own importance because of that.

This is a perennial aspect of the spiritual path, it seems to me. But Sufism today would not be in this format, it would be in the format of modern life. Thank you. I have learned much about myself from this series.

The sheik is Tapduk Emre. Also mentioned, and featured in dreamtime, is Haci Bektash Veli.

Yunus Emre - Season 2 Episode 01

Also mentioned was Ahmed Rifai. And believe me, this kind of Sufism in still practiced in both Turkey and was in the US until I know firsthand. Your review is very apt and inspirational.

Though I took up the study of Turkish after watching Magnificent Centure which pales in comparisonfollowed by Resurrection Ertugrul, I must say you are absolutely right about the poor translations. I can sense what is missing and find myself searching to read between the lines, to fill in the blanks.

Still, the message comes through if one reads body language instead. I am where Yunnus has just woken up from his fall off the horse and subsequent snake bite. It seems he is suffering from some sort of amnesia. Anyway, this show is superb and, as you say, so different from what is offered on American TV.

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