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XYO Network aims to be the company that drives location tracking services into a new future by eventually replacing GPS tracking. In this XYO Network reviewwe will be analyzing how the technology works, how to mine XYO tokens and what the future holds for the project.

Initially created in the s by the US government and the US militarycommon usage of the technology started in the s, way before the smartphone era.

XYO Foundation

Nowadays, it would be hard to imagine a life without Google Maps, location services, and package tracking for online purchases. All of these services use GPS technology to function correctly. The XYO Network is a relatively new proposition that aims to create a network of connected devices that will facilitate the tracking and locating of packages and objects through blockchain technology.

In this XYO Network reviewwe will cover the basic tenets of this project, as well as its current status in the crypto market. Founded in the last quarter ofthe XYO Network released its first whitepaper at the beginning of and then launched the first sale of their XYO token in the second quarter of that year, which coincided with the launch of their protocol proof of concept and first MVP.

As ofthe company has already launched its iOS and Android apps, and they are currently in the process of developing an open-source initiative and an updated version of their core network, which will launch in A Sentinel is a device tethered to the XYO Network, which helps the chain by giving off a signal with its location and other data such as temperature conditions, date, and time.

Sentinels can detect other Sentinels and broadcast a signal that showcases proximity between the two devices, which creates something called a bound witness interaction BWI.

These interactions then go to the Bridges, which are devices responsible for confirming them on the network. Archivists are devices that store confirmed BWIs, and then provide that data to Diviners, which are devices used by the network to answer questions asked by the users, who must pay using XYO Tokens. As of today, the XYO Network app only allows its users to become either Sentinels or Bridges: options to become Archivists and Diviners are still in development, and SDKs are currently available if you wish to contribute as a developer.

You would have to send a query to the network to locate it for you. The query is a blockchain transaction that you must pay via XYO Tokens. So, how would people go about doing this? T The XYO Network functions with the XYO Utility Token, which users would employ to pay the network to resolve their queries when trying to locate a particular object with data taken from the Diviners.

At the moment, there are two ways in which you can get XYO tokens: the first is to buy them through the KuCoin crypto exchange, which is currently handling the largest volume. A geominer gets paid in XYO tokens when they help create verified ledgers from data gathered by the Sentinels and uploaded to the network.

When an XYO Diviner uses the location data you provided to complete a query, you get paid, but since the network is still in its infancy, the best bet for users to earn money right now is to start geomining tokens.

You earn these tokens by downloading the app and sharing your location, which will give you the ability to mine from certain physical spaces, called tiles, which are squares measuring an average of feet. Some other XYO Network reviews have found that this type of mining can be useful, providing a quick payment with relative ease and in a short amount of time.

After a few minutes of walking, biking, or driving around and sharing your location data you can easily earn lots of XYO tokens. The app is best used while walking, biking, or driving around. Once you receive it, you need to pair it with your phone and you will receive 12x the rewards when geomining tiles.

The app also gives users the option to subscribe to plans that allow for better mining. The COIN Plus subscription grants the user two times the geomining speed, recharge rate ability to mine again in previously mined spotsand two times the opportunity to find big geomines. However, this function is currently not available, as the XYO Network is not active yet. Giving them out to friends and family might increase your earning chances in the future when the Network of Sentinels and Bridges is fully operational.

Having more than one Sentinel right now increases bound witness interactions, which help build the network, but not XYO token rewards. The random nature of the tile rewards might make it difficult for users to mine tokens in a sensible amount of time say, one monthwhich has led to some speculation in recent XYO Network reviews that actually purchasing tokens on the KuCoin exchange might be more of a sound investment. These concerns arise mainly due to the fact that geomining is all that users can currently do around the network: their real-world applications are not yet functional, and even though users can and do create bound witness interactions: the actual network is not live as of today.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together.

Join them to grow your own development teams, manage permissions, and collaborate on projects. Kotlin 9 4. Swift 3 1. Dart 1 3. Kotlin 4 1. Swift 1. A robust Bluetooth solution for Android. A react client app for configuring your Pi Bridge. The object reference for the XYO Network. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.

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Usage of this source code is not intended for production. This repository implements the core objects and services used in the XYO protocol. Additionally it provides core XYO features like performing bound-witnesses, hashing, signing, serialization, origin-chain management and TCP Network services.

Alas, it exposes a number of CLI applications for running archivists and diviners. In it, it describes the behavior of how a node on the XYO network should create bound-witnesses. Note, the behavior is not coupled with any particular technology constraints around transport layers, cryptographic algorithms, or hashing algorithms. As such, the design of the system is aimed at abstracting these concepts so that the concrete implementations of these components can be swapped out so long as they conform to the correct interfaces.

Practically, this library uses TypeScript, which transpiles to JavaScript. Additionally, a TCP network provider has been implemented. Furthermore, some of the most popular public-key cryptography algorithms and hashing algorithms have been wrapped and made available to the core library. If you're favorite crypto signing algorithm is not yet supported, we welcome pull-requests and suggestions.

If you are looking to create an XYO Node using a CLI, this is not the library you should refer to, please go to our app-xyo-nodejs repo here. This library provides core nodejs components for XYO Protocol functions, but it itself does not generate nodes for the Archivist or Diviner.

Then based on how you have set up your project, import the components you are looking for, an example:. Developers should conform to git flow workflow. Additionally, we should try to make sure every commit builds. Commit messages should be meaningful serve as a meta history for the repository. Please squash meaningless commits before submitting a pull-request.

To contribute and test, the current workflow would be to use the XYO App SDK nodejs, see which methods may be failing, and then clone and test this core library. There is git hook on commits to validate the project builds.

If you'd like to commit your changes while developing locally and want to skip this step you can use the --no-verify commit option. The underlying issue is that it is trying to modify files in protected areas of the file-system.These are products that are either being worked on or being considered by XY. The purpose of these pages is to get feedback on these uses of our technology and the viability and demand for these products.

The next step is that we will build out each specific page with appropriate product descriptions and mockups, allowing us to get more complete feedback from the community. Resources FAQ Support. Future Projects. What do we have planned? Peer-to-peer cross-platform data sharing, using the XYO Protocol as a basis. Think "Airdrop" but cross-platform. Additionally, it allows you to optionally share a predefined set of data all the time, such as contact info, photos, etc.

xyo sdk

Any enabled device, not just your phone, can be a host. More Info Coming Soon. Many applications have trouble detecting location and data spoofers. UnSpoof allows you to detect spoofers in real-time, or with after-the-fact analysis using decentralized XYO Network data.

Instead of just tracking your known items, xyLocate also allows you to locate different types of Bluetooth and WiFi devices in the real world. Did you lose you PS4 controller somewhere in your living room?

xyo sdk

With dAuth, you can do accountless authentication, have unchangable signin history, and also multi-sig authentication. Based on the XYO Protocol, simple same machine verification, multi-party 2FA, and multi-signin requirements can be met. Automate either smart contracts or traditional cloud functions.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

xyo sdk

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We continue to maintain this software in the interest of developer education. Usage of this source code is not intended for production. Once you have a build, you have access to properties to help you shape your node and what you want out of it. The following extensions can be used to pull data from a bound witness. Party index 0 is the server, party 1 is the client.

The client takes on "central" role, and the server the "peripheral". This allows us to define roles with simplicity.

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XYO + Developers

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View code. Look below for specific usage. About No description, website, or topics provided. Releases 18 Bound Witness timing fix and minor updates Latest.An archivist in the XYO network serves as the data-layer component between the bridge and the diviner. In essence it is the scribe node of the XYO network. As long as an archivist follows the protocols of the XYO network specified in the yellow paper they may implement the component however they wish.

This is a package manager for Apple systems, for Linux systems use the package manager for your distro. This will allow you to manage multiple active node. This may also save you some installation headaches. If you are using linux on ubuntu, you should use commands as the root by entering sudo su or you could run sudo prior to key commands. This guide will also prompt you for entering sudo when needed. You must have yarn installed: homebrew : brew install yarn or your Linux package manager.

You must have Lerna installed globally to use its CLI tool: npm install --global lerna. Note if you are using ubuntu, you can install node and yarn with these helpful articles:. Beta Software This documentation contains preliminary information about an API or technology in development.

This information is subject to change, and software implemented according to this documentation should be tested. This guide is not for production ready Archivists, this is a product currently in development and will be updated often prior to mainnet release.

For production-ready Archivists you will be able to download an npm package for use in your application.The idea of this new product called C-Core SDK is that you will be able to get money from the equipment that is standing near you without any utility at the moment.

You probably have at last one IoT device at your house like a coffee maker or lamp or even your TV set. This equipment does not really have any use when you are not specifically using it, though, so the idea of the company is that you will be able to use it to stake XYO tokens instead of only leaving it alone.

It works in a similar way of Kotlin, already released by the company, but it is more accessible since you can use it in any type of CPU. The XYO Oracle network was created to be used with cryptographic location technology.

XYO sentinel street/ business / bandit placement idea (2)

The company uses smart contracts like the ones from the Ethereum network and its goal is to streamline the process and reducing risks while cutting the middlemen in this industry. It works using a proof of location technology and now you will be able to use it to stake your own IoT devices as nodes, too. Get Free Email Updates!


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