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Custom Build - Leighton Broadcasting

Welcome to the all new GCM tinytrucks Shopping website. We are open for from 9am to 4pm Eastern Time from Monday to Friday. Our Customer Service E-mail can be used 24 hours, 7 days a week, and we will respond to most or all e-mails within 48 hours depending on volume.

We build lots of stuff: Full scale trucks, Custom chassis setups, 3d printed parts, and many Slider chassis setups. In this section you'll find our hand built chassis offerings, all our setups, lovingly built by GCM, and ready for you to finish. It's all new.

Misc 1/10 Crawler Chassis

It's designed to be competitive. It's intended for 3 wheelbase settings. It's GCM. We've aimed it at competitive geometry, low center of gravity, and fully scaled drivetrain. The best combination of small, strong, and predictability. This chassis has been developed to offer exceptional scale performance and huge adjustability, and it's also got setups available for Link front and Link rear to assemble individually or together.Please enter the code below.

To complete the work with this MTC Monster Truck, Crawler Chassis I had to design some rigid axles, a multilink suspension system and a compatible universal shaft. The parts in this publication will let you build a car with a wheelbase from to mm. Maybe mm wheelbase or can be achieved with a sourced universal shaft transmission.

The same way you will be able to choose between four different axle widths using the same sourced parts than in previous MyRCCar chassis publications. A build with rigid axles will use less sourced parts than a independent suspension one. The steering system is much simpler; you won't need bearings for it.

The axles assembly is also simpler but there is a little extra hand work while assembling the links. There are no oficial videos from this Rigid Axles Version by now.

Please, subscribe to my Youtube Channel to be updated with the latest videos!

Rock Crawling

One of the best things is the main chassis remain the same, compared to the independent suspension version, so you can convert one or both of the axles to a rigid axle version!

The Side bars, the central platform, the gearbox or the top covers are used the same. The front platform is also re-used in other position and the rear one is not necessary.

As you can see there are 3 different center parts for the axles. This will give you 3 different widths for your axles You just have to choose. But there is also a wider one using the long axle and the "long C-Hubs" or "long rear fixed blocks". The same sourced parts are used for this build, so I have designed different c-hubs, steering blocks, rear fixed blocks and steering plates to use them in this axles. These links are Print in Place ball joint articulated.

I use to print with But also they have to adapt to the different axle types, the long, the medium and the short one. There are also 2 possibilities to assemble the bottom links in the long axle; you can mount them in the outer holders of the axle or the inner ones. But resuming, using the variable length ones, which are available in 2 lengths and for M3 or M4 screws, you will be able to have any of the needed measures. Use the drawings to choose the right ones for your wheelbase and axle width from the fixed length ones or print 12 adjustable long heads for M3 or M4 as you prefer, and 4 adjustable short heads.

Use M3x50 or M4x50 for the long ones and M3x40 or M4x40 for the short ones. That means you could replace all the diffs with 3d printed ones. I recommend you to take a look to them to have a better global view about what can you do with this projects. You will also find at the end of those publications a lot of printing tips which are of course also valid for this Rigid Axles Version. This time I'm going to list the parts and the number of them you need to print.

Remember that every time you have to print a part various times is better to print first just one, test it and then print the clones.

I'll try to reflect the order I would use to print them and assemble them, but of course you can do it in your own order. There we go! I would start assembling the gearbox. As you will probably want a "Crawler Style" chassis you will want to use the gearbox reduction. So first of all, go to the end of my previous MTC Chassis Publication to see how to print the right parts for your desired gearbox.

I would also mount the motor in the gearbox and do my first tests with it to see if everything is working fine. After that, use the provided drawings to see how to assemble all the previously printed parts into what I want to call the "main chassis". Many of these parts can be employed to build the other version of the MTC Chassis.Have you seen our YouTube channel?

Follow this to see it now. Be Sure to Subscribe. Signed in as:. This is one of the Custom Builds we did for Leighton Broadcasting. Unboxings, and Product Reviews. Subscribe and toggle the Bell icon today. This picture was sent to us from Dan L. Showing off his sweet TRX4 with the stickers he won through the recent Gleam contest. Aftermarket RC Products. Custom RC Conversions. Jeff CustomCrawlerz. The "WHO" now has more than people from more than countries working in country offices, in 6 regional offices and at our headquarters in Geneva.

Follow this link to the official North Dakota Department of Health's website. The Stock unit is radio controlled, but this will be the starting point for a much-improved RC model that will also be offered as an option through the store. We have recently added the Parent company of Toys to our Distributors list, and have most of their product lineup available through us as well.

While we will have some of their products listed in the Shop, most of the items will only be available through us through Special Order. If there is something you want to see us Stock, let us know today.

Is your Radio Control Vehicle Broken and you are not sure what to do? Check out our Selection of Products through the button below.

rc crawler chassis

Send Us some Pictures of your Vehicles with our Vinyl Sticker showing and we may feature your build on our site. Please see our Policy on Submissions. You can find the info through the button below for our Hobby Shop in Grand Forks. Check it out Today.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Typical Lead Time: 4 - 8 weeks. The Wide Open Design Evolution Rock Crawler chassis was initially designed for trail riding and competing in various forms of off road racing.

Strength, space and style were all thoroughly thought out when designing this chassis. The demand came for a smaller "Hill Killer" style chassis like this one. While keeping true to our roots, we wanted strength and style in this rock crawler chassis. We knew we could give up a little space, due to the type of use this buggy would be built for.

Along comes the "Evolution Chassis". Our 50" wide 2 seat chassis for the folks that like to beat down in the woods. We incorporated many ideas from our other buggies into this one. The Evolution has a more laid back A pillar, a much shorter rear end, slightly shorter front end and over all lower roof line.

Misc 1/10 Crawler Chassis

A chassis built entirely out of. The increased strengthening of a few key impact areas allows the chassis to have a better chance of remaining straight and is less likely to dent from sudden impacts.

For specific tubing sizes used to build this chassis and their location, reference these images:. They also double as a step to ease entry and exit from your buggy if you have not chosen to have doors installed. Easily fit a 15 gallon fuel cell and a fabricated tool box in the rear end.

rc crawler chassis

Have fun trail riding and bring along a few tools that you may need. Or use the tool box as a cooler for your beverages and food. Removable Cross members allow for easily installing and removing of drive train components into the chassis. These tubes are connected using our Tube Flange sets.

The chassis was designed for Proper 4-link Geometry and accepts the most popular axle configurations. Hesitant that it won't fit yours?

We can let you know for sure. Email us at sales wideopendesign. Our MIG welds are more than just strong, they are professional and good looking also.

You get reliability and a great looking rig. When you purchase a Wide Open Design chassis, you are also purchasing full build support and guidance. We also have designed and manufactured components specific to our chassis to reduce guesswork and guarantee a great end product. If there are modifications you may want done to the chassis, we may be able to do it!

For a quote on chassis configuration, rolling chassis or turn-key vehicle please email sales wideopendesign. Learn More. Chassis Questions? We've got Answers! Skip to the end of the images gallery.Fresh air, birds chirping, clear skies and quiet country landscapes. Another excuse to get out of town with the kids to find a new, epic, rock wonderland. RC Rock Crawling. There is really nothing else like it well other than rock crawling a real truck and I have to say I am obsessed and addicted!

Too addicted according to my wife. The garage has turned into a RC storage facility and spare part bone yard!

rc crawler chassis

If you have never tried RC or RC rock crawling, then you are in for a treat. RC crawling has really taken off in popularity and for a good reason. It satisfies all RC off roaders desires for speed, jumping, mudding, bashing and even the challenges of technical driving.

Even more exciting is the vast array of RC Rock Crawlers on the market today. Many offer realistic scale realism and true off road crawling capabilities. Pick the right truck with waterproof electronics and you can shred mud puddles and do river crossings. Well thankfully I have been dabbling in the RC Truck scene for years and have tried, tested, researched tones of trucks! Too many really. The trucks I have not owned my local club members have!

Out on our testing grounds, We been hard at work testing dozens of the most well known brands recently, and over the past few months. A lot of trucks out there claim to be king of the rock, but very few actually stood up to our abusive testing. Once you see what these 3 trucks are capable of, you will understand why I would recommend them as the most capable rock crawling and trail bashing trucks available today.

Excellent out of box performance. Has a feature set we would have a hard time parting with. For anyone looking to pick up a dedicated rock crawler, the Losi Nightcrawler SE is one of the best options for the price.

It may not have all the bells and whistles like the TRX-4 but it gets the job done and done well! For a true rock crawling beast this truck is hard to beat.

rc crawler chassis

It's worth noting the different boddy options also have small differences in the chassis and features as well. All versions will perform equally, so price and style will likely be the deciding factor.

So with all this hype and new systems rolling out, what truly defines the best RC rock crawlers?Hello, Everyone! In this Instructable, I will go over all of the steps, challenges and testing that went into making this custom crawler chassis, as well as the materials to make your own if you are interested.

Let's begin! Please remember to vote for my instructable in the Tech contest, if you like it and think it worthy Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Since I will only be designing and constructing the chassis for the rock crawler, I needed a base to build off of.

The AX deadbolt and the Wraith are commercially available RC rock crawlers that are very capable in terms of trailing and light rock crawling. My goal for this truck is to design and make a chassis that is much agiler and capable on the rocks, but that can still rip around a trail and have fun with friends when the time comes. We will be using all of the mechanical parts of the truck in our build, but we will be constructing a new chassis, as well as re-arranging the existing parts of the truck to reach our goal.

To begin our build, we will need some simple parts from local stores around your area, as well as the parts from your axial AX Deadbolt or Wraith. These will make our chassis plates. Secondly, we will need some screws to hold it all together, so get 8 1'' long steel screws and 8 2" long steel screws. These screws are available at you local hobby store, and you will need matching hex drivers to put them in. In case you want to build your own RC crawler, here is the parts list. If they do not come with hardware, then you will have to buy them yourself.

We will need very simple tools for this build. The cutting boards or Delrin are fairly soft materials, but with a lot of strengths when braced and assembled properly. A sanding block is optional but recommended. Drill bits that are slightly smaller diameter as the shaft of our screws, but leaves room for the threads of the screw to bite into the plastic of our chassis to hold it together will also be required.

Finally, we will also need hex drivers 1.Its shorter wheelbase and capable suspension instantly made it a favorite in the 4X4 world, earning the love of enthusiasts and collectors. Outfitted with replica Rally wheels, a highly detailed chrome grille, and a full complement of scale details, the TRX-4 Blazer combines the iconic style of the Blazer with toughness and technology that could only come from Traxxas. Buy Now. A thick 1. This extremely rigid backbone lets the suspension do the work it was designed to do.


Further fine tuning is possible with the axle links and adjustable shock position. The finer details matter so we incorporated wire retainers into the frame rails, which provide a clean look and keep the wiring more secure from off-road hazards. A hinged battery strap provides quick and secure battery mounting without pins to lose in the field.

The innovative strap flips over to adjust for different height batteries. Tough floor pans integrate with the wheel wells to enhance the scale appearance and keep debris out of the chassis.

Oil-filled coil-over GTS shocks were created exclusively for the TRX-4 chassis to smooth out even the roughest trails. These silver-anodized aluminum shocks deliver silky-smooth damping and feature threaded bodies for easy ride height adjustment. The convincing scale realism looks great and they perform even better with an O-ring cap seal and dual X-ring shaft seals.

Thick 5mm diameter lower steel links feature tough, fully-captured heavy-duty rod ends with steel hollow balls for exceptional strength and durability. The TRX-4 uses tough hex hardware throughout for improved strength and easy servicing. Portal axles lift the differential pumpkin to provide incredible ground clearance. This radical design also improves axle geometry and reduces strain on the driveshafts. Steel gears ensure trouble-free performance, no matter how technical the climb.

On conventional rigs with the limited gear reduction in the differentials, motor torque is applied to the frame to the point of twisting you right off the rocks. Total axle gear reduction is over twice non-portal designs so Titan motor torque delivers smooth forward motion, not frame twist. Conventional crawlers equipped with axle spools sacrifice turning radius for traction.

Traxxas gives you the freedom and versatility to lock and unlock both the front and rear differentials to suit your driving needs, all controlled remotely from your transmitter. Leave the differentials unlocked for relaxed driving on the trail with smooth, tight turning and better handling at high speeds. When the trail gets technical, lock the front and rear differentials, or just the front differential, for superior pull and grip over extreme terrain.

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