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Welcome to Firestorm Ministries International. We are excited Yahweh has brought you here to check out all the wonderful people in our Firestorm Family who would love to help you learn where and how you fit in the Kingdom. Firestorm is a Prophetic Ministry seeking to train, equip and activate the Body of Christ through the use of video stream forums, classes, prophetic articles, e-mail fsmi teachings and our Website archives, in order to help you grow and mature in the Prophetic Ministry.

Click Button Below for More Information. FS Prayer Storm — Moderator Cathy Matthews — This is in-house online group of intercessors committed to pray for Firestorm members, their immediate family and friends. Please send your requests to prayer firestormministry. Come for prophetic prayer and intercession. You are also welcome to prayer for others. Bonnie has done several teachings that will be a blessing to you.

Mary Sue is currently teaching a verse by verse study of Ephesians. You can also find her studies on Genesis and Revelation. You are just one click away from help discovering your destiny.

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Bonnie Nelson. Becca Card. Prophet Jim Mellard. Tuesday Night Forum. Mary Sue Davis. Saturday E-Mail Teachings. Firestorm ministries international You are just one click away from help discovering your destiny. Guide Star. Amazon Smile. All Rights Reserved.Free Chat Rooms.

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Adult Chat. Teen Chat. Chat Rooms Use the Rooms button below to see all available chat rooms, double click the room name to join. This chat rooms applet requires Java support. Visit here to get it. Email - optional Identifying information, email address or web site or other info can be used. Chat Rooms - Show a listing of the chat rooms you may want to join. Sound on Join - Plays sounds when someone enters the Chat rooms.

Use Colors - Use different colors to identify different messages. Show Joins - show when a user joins or leaves the Chat rooms.

Prophecy Chatroom

Chat Client Buttons Chat Displays the chat you are currently involved in. The left column if any shows all the Chat rooms on the server. The rooms you are currently in are displayed as bold.

You can change rooms by double-clicking on one. The main window shows messages you have sent and received. The list on the right displays people currently chatting in this chat room.

Your nick is shown as bold. If you select one or more names from the list then your messages will only go to those people. There are two special characters that preceed some names: indicates an operator that issue commands to control the room. At the bottom is the input line. You can send a message by typing it on this line.He is an amazing Father and Friend who loves to tell His children about what we are going to do together from now to eternity.

prophetic chat rooms

I know him personally and trust his gifts and he has a pastoral heart for people. He continues to blow me away with his accuracy and ability to pick up on God's timing and details that will astound you! Jeremy always gives quality time to hear from God for you out of his busy schedule.

The gift of God is always freely given, but the labor and time is asked to please be honored. We will then send you your prophetic word to the email you provide us as an audio download. Click 'Donate' to process your love offering for a prophetic word. Make your gift by mail:. Jeremy Lopez P. Your gift goes into the general fund of Identity Network. It will help with the payroll for Jeremy and the staff members, with the office expenses of maintaining the website and email network that reachesor more people daily.

Furthermore, a big portion of your donation will help us with our missions work. Jeremy, why would you ask for money to give a prophetic word? Not because you were trying to "buy" a word or that the prophet was trying to "sell" the word. It was simply out of respect. To honor the "gift" prophet that God had given. Remember, it is all about God, not the person. But God did say, " for the worker deserves his wages.

The Bible also says, "Give and it shall be given back to you. Because the Bible says, "that the spirit of a prophet is subject or to the control of the prophet.He who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men. Trained members of the International House of Prayer staff serve all those who sign up for prophetic ministry.

We sincerely desire to hear from the Lord on behalf of those coming for ministry, so that they may be encouraged and built up in their faith. Make an Appointment To receive prophetic ministry at one of our regular times, select one of the appointment times below. Our event registration page will appear, where you can choose a date and register. Make an appointment.

Please feel free to come early and wait in line to try to secure a walk-in slot. We do take a limited amount of walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis, when we have room. We open appointments about 2—3 weeks beforehand. If the dates you would like to come are not yet listed, please check back as the date gets closer. Please note: We are occasionally closed for a team training or special event and are always closed starting the first Monday of the month for three days for the Global Bride Groom Fast.

We ask that you limit yourself to one appointment per visit to IHOPKC or every 3—6 months due to limited ministry slots and many more requests for appointments. Once you sign in, you will be given a number and directed to a seat in the prayer room. You can use the time while you are waiting to just be quiet before the Lord and ask Him to speak to you.

You will then be called into a side room for ministry according to the order you checked in. Three to four people receive ministry in the same room at one time. You do not have to do anything while you are receiving ministry.

Just relax and receive from the Lord. We are delighted to minister to people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. You may bring an interpreter; however, due to the limited time that we have to minister, we ask that your interpreter only translate the introduction for you.

Husbands, wives, and children will receive ministry together unless they request to be separated. Large families may be separated into two rooms at the discretion of the ministry leader. Yes, we love to prophesy to children; however, you do need to make appointments for each of them, even babies, on our registration page.As the Master Prophet with over 30 years of sight beyond sight, I differ from those who can operate with extra-sensory perception, for my calling as a Master Prophet endows me with a degree of authority.

As a Master Prophet, I can truly decree a thing and see it established — just like the prophets of the Scriptures. As a Master Prophet, not only am I able to accurately see and speak to you about your past, present and future, but I also give you clear insight and understanding of what God has planned for you. Individuals who have abundant wealth is taking it easy. Letting go of all the worries and trust the word of the lord! Starting today, while I was praying intensely for your blessing, the Lord out of nowhere said these incredible words to me!

I heard this prophetic word, your breakthrough is in route. I ask that you lift up your hands any place you are right now and hear the word of God. This year will […]. This is between you and God, because the unexpected happening is about to occur. I see the unexpected happening for you in As I look in the Spirit, I see you praying about your finances and a specific relationship!

About Bishop Jordan As the Master Prophet with over 30 years of sight beyond sight, I differ from those who can operate with extra-sensory perception, for my calling as a Master Prophet endows me with a degree of authority. Your Kingdom Come Download Now. Are you living your life the way you want it to be?

When you start to let go, you start to live life! An unexpected happening is about to occur in your life This is between you and God, because the unexpected happening is about to occur.Jump to navigation.

Please visit the Bethel Prophetic Ministry homepage or contact us at: propheticministry ibethel. All Rights Reserved. Search form Search. Prophetic Skype Sessions. Tickets are free and made available every Monday morning at 9 a. Pacific Time. Typically we will be able to accommodate 36 Skype calls on a Thursday morning.

prophetic chat rooms

This means that tickets will usually go quickly. We suggest you are online to register as close to Monday at 9 a.

prophetic chat rooms

On Thursday morning, please be online at least 5 minutes before your time to make sure your technical connection is stable. Note, you must sign in so that you show up when we are trying to reach you. Due to the limited amount of ticketed guests that we can have, we are unable to guarantee that we can call you back if you are unavailable for your appointment time.

The Skype connection works best in a well lit and quiet area so we encourage you to be in a distraction free zone where you can prepare your heart and atmosphere to receive God's love for you. Current Local Redding Time:. On Earth as it is in Heaven. Want to know what we're tweeting about and who we are following?

Follow us on Twitter. Want to know what we're talking about on facebook? Join us on Facebook.Ivypool- I figured out the Dark Forest had a magical object. It was light brown with dark spots on it. FIrestar- You mean MY bread. It was burned in the mysterious gray box.

Leafpool has a gift with herbs, but not bread. Hollyleaf- Hey guys, I figured out something. It's called hacking. I'll show you how. I've already done it to Jayfeather's account. Feathertail- Come on, Brambleclaw. You've gotta find out some day that no one likes you.


Even Squirrelflight cheated you! Skywatcher- Well, first of all, your mother was a kittypet. Then, Squirrelflight brought you to the Clan, where Leafpool tried to feed you deathberries. But, she added tansy by mistake, so you turned out blind.

Everyone knew this, even Lionblaze and Hollyleaf. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Welcome to the Prophecy Chatroom! To enter, please type in a prophecy you know or part of. Dovewing- What?

Jayfeather- Steal my cookies!!! Dovewing- Did not! Jayfeather- Well, my cookie detector told me that. It's under your bedding.

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