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nr2003 setups

We used to race NR all the time back in the day. He'll probably register Nutt I told him to answer the questions in full. Cynon I appreciate the conversion. Prolly gonna snow here tomorrow. But it'll be in the form of rain. Maybe Chad and Jimmie can reunite, for one more chamionship!! Even last year, he was m297 engine good runs late in the season after the crew chief swap before being stricken with the bad luck bug.

I feel he has one more good season left in him. Enjoy your stay!


We have some of the nicest people always happy to help you out! Eric HostetlerSr is a completely differant circumstance then Petty there are plenty of long time Race car drivers that just up and quit. The King did So did the So, if Jimmie wants to chalk this season up as a wash and go out next year, he should be able to. Had a bit of a lie in this morning Majesticexpress Yep is was a good raceWelcome to the home of [BTR].

Brothers of Tru Racing. Click here for. Brothers of Tru Fragging. We have gottin in touch with Steve Luvender of nrsetups. He has graciously extended his permission for us to host all of the setups that was offered on his site.

As it stands it is only a plain text page with the files and no upload button.

nr2003 setups

We will begin making a new page and a logo for it in the spirit of those former websites. It wasn't easy but new forums were very much needed. We hope that they will serve us well going into the future. They are thin but DeeEss is populating them as he has time.

To check them out and to get lots of new information concerning BTR, our racing, and our future please click the forums link to the left. BTR racing season news. There has been no announcement of a season so far this year. We are currently involved in other venues and have pretty much decided to take a break from racing this year so far. It is however very likely we will be picking it back up sometime before the year is up, even if its only for a few short races.

Our Servers:. All servers are currently and only temporarily offline. They will be back later this year. You can check the status of other servers at. Click here for Brothers of Tru Fragging.Blog Stats Garage 9 Welcome to the garage area. Atlanta — [ Download a Setup ] Track Guide: Tri-Ovals are more about staying out of trouble, and not over-driving the car. Practice your pitting, and make plenty of laps to make sure there are not inherent flaws in your chassis setup.

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Race clean, give and take, and wait for the competitors to wreck out. Kansas is a bit more flat than some others, so make sure you are not entering the turns too hot. Cars will be sliding through the turns, and jetting out to the wall, so be sure to keep a good distance from others. Good luck!! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nam nibh. Nunc varius facilisis eros. Sed erat. In in velit quis arcu ornare laoreet.

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Free Download Full Version

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California — [Download a Setup] Track Guide: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Chicagoland — [ Download a Setup ] Track Guide: 1. Race tested: This Chicago setup is a Franken-Setup, a new creation, and has never been race tested. Use at your own risk. Darlington — [Download a Setup] Track Guide: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Give some room. Take rights, or lefts, but never take 4 unless you have flatsided them. You will stand more chance of losing on pit road than on the track, so practice your entrance and exit plenty before the race.

Homestead — [Download a Setup] Track Guide: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Indianapolis — [ Download a Setup ] Track Guide: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

Downshift to 2nd before right hand. Let up early before last S turn to the right.A small bug was fixed - path was not recognized correctly when starting program Points Calculator v1. N4 Patch n4. N3 Tracks Folder Information:.

You can have as many track folders as you want. The only tracks folder recognized by Nascar 3 is the tracks folder. The all. There can only be one all. There is a limit of 39 different tracks per tracks folder. I created a separate tracks folder for the league races by doing the following:. If you have any problems email me at - shaggy shaggycentral.

This allows you to put your CD away and still play online. Nascar Racing Season Track Pack. Nascar Racing Season Patch 1. This is the latest patch.

Nascar Racing Season Utility. This page allows you to easily convert your lap times to mph and vice versa. Excel spreadsheet that has every combination of gearing to help get the most out of your gearing.

Excel spreadsheet that helps tweak your setups for better tire wear. Points Calculator v1. This is an updated version for NR A small bug was fixed - path was not recognized correctly when starting program. This version is patched to work with NR This is the main program. This file contains all of our N4 team members cars. Nascar Racing to N4 Soundpack. Sounds from the NR Demo modified for N4. N3 Calendar editing instructions. This is a help file for editing N3.Bloomington Speedway for NR made by T18 File or links to it may not be reposted or rehosted with out explcit permission from the creator, doing so violates these terms of use.

This Track is Free to the community. For feedback or any other contact, email tpm2i mtmail. If this file is found linked to OR hosted on any websites without permission, said site will be subject to a DMCA takedown request.

If you find a file in this track that I have neglected to credit, please alert me to this so i can either remove it or credit it correctly.

Select 3dos from Bowtie and PWF. Textures from DTR2. Dirt Track in Brewerton, NY. Dirt track in Canandaigua, NY. Berlin Dirt Berlin Raceway Night. Its Berlin updated and after dark. Bloomington V0. Type: Real track AI: Yes. This track was not tested using any other physics other than those. AI are a tad buggy at times but raceable for the most part. Corky Cookman Memorial Stadium. Daytona NORL. An editied and updated version of Daytonabased on video and pictures from the Based on the stock track, updated with new walls and runoffs.

Jet Dryer deal. Entries in category: 23 Shown entries: FPS friendly. Member Login. Extravaganza Tuesday Series.Just change the path too the mod you want when you install it. They look Great!!! Aero MOD. Whelen Modified Mod. Busch MOD. SK Modifieds. Supersprint MOD.

Whelen Tire Shine Remover. Supersprint windshield cage remover. Sk Modified Tires Shine Remover. Supersprint Roof Cam Fix. Whelen Blurry Dash fix. Supersprint Templete. Whelen Texture Patch. Supersprint Incar Mirror. Cup MOD. Hooters Mod. Glove Remover for cts Hornets 4 Cyl Sound Files.

Hornets- Templetes. GN69st zip. CTS13 ss. GN63 - gns.All downloads found here are the property of their creators. However, they have been tested and are continually used by FSB Racing members. All pages are best viewed at x or x resolution. This site is set for Windows Explorer. Questions or comments? All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcasted, rewritten or redistributed without the owners permission.

nr2003 setups

All other trademarks, trade names, or company names referenced herein are used for entertainment and are the property of their respective companies. CWS15 from Om3gA. Quick links allow you to easily jump to sections of our downloads page, without scrolling. FSB's Nr Mods. Updated core.

RLM Arena 5. EXE file. Older No-CD Patch. Not reccomended for Windows End it all. End it all 2. Teamspeak 3. Client Download 32 or 64 bit. Nextel Update Patch. Atlanta Rev. Atlanta Blue Ridge Speedway. Banked California Banked Chicago

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