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Obviously no one knew at the time, but Camp's birth triggered a life that would arguably have more influence than any other on the future of American sport. In fact his influence spread globally. During the mid to late s, football in America resembled something much more like soccer or rugby, depending on whereabouts and with whom you were playing.

Not overly fond of the laws of these games, Camp proposed radical changes such as a line of scrimmage, and the need to snap the ball from a center to a quarterback to start each play. He also suggested the attacking team should operate via a series of four downs. Similar rules would later be adapted by rugby league players back in England, and in Australia. The play the ball in rugby league, for example, is based on the snap in American football, while the four tackle limit took inspiration from the four downs system.

Camp's tinkering created the foundations of a new sport, which came to be American football. Today it's easily the largest and most watched sport in the United States. The NFL provides the professional version of the game, with 32 franchises across the country competing each year for a right to play in the Super Bowl.

nfl expansion san antonio

But America is a big place, and numerous cities are forced to cheer for teams outside of their residential postcodes. Over the years the NFL has expanded its product throughout the country creating more annual turnover, greater attendances, and the discovery of previously unknown star players. They've even expanded internationally, as several games have been played in Toronto and now multiple games a year take place in London.

There is scope however to take this growth even further. Kentucky is still waiting for its first major sports team, and this could be a prime opportunity for the NFL. The city's population is still growing steadily, and there's a potential rivalry with Cincinnati just miles up the road waiting to kick a Louisville franchise into national prominence.

Since the city has superbly hosted the Kentucky Derby, also dubbed 'the most exciting two minutes in sport'. Give them an NFL team and let's see what they can do with it.

Arkansas has a rich history of college football. In the Arkansas Razorbacks were the only team to go through a regular season and a bowl game undefeated. Five years later they were beaten by the Texas Longhorns in what's since been dubbed the Game of the Century.

They've always had huge home support, and the state has long craved an NFL team. While the Razorbacks predominantly play their home games in Fayetteville, they do have two games at the War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock each season and this would be the better base for an NFL team given its the bigger of the two cities. The coolest things about home games in Little Rock would be the tailgating on the adjacent golf course which can attract upwards of 80, people.

Sounds like great fun. They do a pretty good job every year of hosting a Pro Bowl, which is just one big holiday anyway. The NFL could easily get serious, put the Pro Bowl venue on a rotation like the Super Bowl, play eight games a season out of the Aloha Stadium instead and run a franchise straight from the pristine shores of Hawaii.Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox.

By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo's Terms and Privacy Policy. From KSAT:. The interviewer did bring up relocation possibilities in the Los Angeles Chargerswho are currently floundering in their new cityand the Oakland Raiderswho could be facing an awkward year in which they might have to leave Oakland before their new stadium in Las Vegas is ready.

When the conversation turned to where a San Antonio NFL team would play, the conversation revolved around the Alamodome. Currently the home of the UTSA Roadrunners and the Valero Alamo Bowl, the Alamodome was built 25 years ago in and is now home to several different events for the city. That is a conversation we will have in time, but the truth of the matter is if there was a home that an NFL franchise was looking for, the San Antonio Alamodome is one of the most ready facilities in the country.

Given the dire circumstances that forced the Saints to use the Alamodome for three games inthat might not be the best pitch for the NFL. Chief among those reasons are the teams already in Texas. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wields plenty of influence in the league and that could be a tough obstacle to cross if he decides to put up a fight.

Sports Home. Jack Baer Writer. Yahoo Sports November 3, Email Address. Sign Up. Getty Images. What to Read Next. LA Times. PR Newswire. Yahoo Sports. The Associated Press. Yahoo Sports Videos. NBC Sports. Yahoo Sports Canada.You can call Seattle a hockey town now. Which will be the next North American league to test the expansion waters? What cities might be part of that expansion? We asked our experts.

A long-delayed NFL-influenced stadium will open at Tottenham in time for next season, for example. But absent the reintroduction of supersonic transatlantic flights, huge logistical obstacles remain for a permanent franchise relocation or expansion. A London-based NFL team probably would have a lopsided schedule featuring weeks at a time at a North American practice site, and its travel would put it at a serious competitive disadvantage. That's why many observers think the NFL's likeliest play is a "virtual" team: eight or so regular-season games in London -- perhaps split between Wembley and the new Tottenham stadium -- that would give U.

It wouldn't add a trip any longer than teams on either U. The time zone links up. And unknown to many, the history of American football runs much deeper in Mexico than in Europe. The relationship hit a logistical bump in November, when a game scheduled for Estadio Azeteca was moved to Los Angeles because of poor field conditions. And the chances of immediate financial success, not to be underestimated, might be better in London.

But part of the calculus must be about giving the franchise a chance to succeed beyond corporate sponsorships. The financial position of a losing team, even in a rich area, is unstable in the long term. From a competitive standpoint, Mexico City is a much better fit. Sure, it's no fun, but the NBA has no concrete plans for expansion right now, commissioner Adam Silver reiterated in May. As the league grapples with competitive balance issues, there are several markets Memphis and Charlotte most notably relying on tens of millions in annual support in revenue sharing to remain solvent.

Until the NBA's weakest links are shored up, relocation is far more likely than expansion.

However, in recent years, Sacramento, Milwaukee and Minnesota renovation got arena deals that locked them into place. Unsure ownership situations in Memphis and New Orleans also appeared to stabilize in the past year. Right now, even relocation seems unlikely in the short term. Silver agrees that every business needs to focus on growth, and someday the league will likely expand, but that day is not on the horizon.

Enamored with the size of this untapped and basketball-interested market, the NBA has been expanding its business there the past several years. The league has staged multiple regular-season games, recently opened an academy to develop Latin American teens into possible NBA players to drive more interest and has plans to operate a G League team there in the near future.

Silver hinted at his affinity for Mexico City at the NBA Finals, when he had this to say about expansion: "There are lots of terrific markets out there in the United States and some in countries attached to the United States who also have wonderful cities that could potentially house NBA teams.

But that just isn't the case. Same goes for Las Vegas. Silver said the league sees its annual summer league as its presence in that city. When baseball looks to add two more teams, the collective desire to right the wrong done to Montreal will be too strong to ignore.

There is still a robust fan base in place, as evidenced by the large crowds former Expos have attracted in Cooperstown for Hall of Fame ceremonies. It's an existing brand, with Expos caps kept in circulation by cheap-lager-swilling hipsters with ironic beards all over North America. A stadium plan will have to come together, although I've seen one breathtaking design for a venue at the intersection of Notre-Dame and Peel. There are obstacles that weren't there even a year ago.The NFL have been talking expansion outside of the country for the past several years, and fortunately that talk has simmered down in To bring back the talk, I have chosen 10 cities that are in the United States that could host an NFL franchise to expand the league to more markets.

Even though Salt Lake City would be one of the smallest markets and populated cities in the NFL, having an NFL stadium with those Rocky Mountains in the background of that picture would be a breathtaking site. Salt Lake City's population is ,plus which is more than Green Bay's population of ,plus and they fill in Lambeau Field. Norfolk may not have a huge population, but having a stadium overlook the Atlantic Ocean would be a site to see. With a population of ,plus in Norfolk, the city compares to the population of Buffalo.

Portland has been known as a host to escape convicts and criminals, but the time to host an NFL team may be sometime in the future too. With a population of ,plus, Portland is a similar size to both Las Vegas who might be able to host an NFL team and Atlanta, who already has a team.

Sacramento is located about an hour and a half Northeast of Oakland via I and even though that may seem too close to the Bay Area, the city's population could host an NFL team. The cornfields need more football to watch and Nebraska fans do love their college Cornhuskers, which means that they could love a pro team too.

Omaha is ranked in the top 50 US cities in population with ,plus which is comparable to Cleveland. Tampa Bay may only be a quick hour to hour and a half drive away, but say Disney wanted to get into the NFL, then they easily have the buying power to bring a team to the city.

Many do not realize that Columbus is the largest populated city in Ohio and its population total is that of both Cleveland and Cincinnati combined.

Las Vegas is one of the biggest tourist stops in the world, but can they host an NFL team? There is a possibility and there is no denying that there is plenty of money to buy an NFL franchise.

There is no doubt a Las Vegas NFL team would be very flashy too—gold and green would probably be the team's colors for obvious reasons. Both Dallas and Houston represent the state of Texas in the NFL, but adding another Texas team seems necessary due to the large size of the state itself and the popularity of football there. San Antonio is also one of the 10 biggest cities in the U. San Antonio's population is 1.

nfl expansion san antonio

Los Angeles has been a host city for both the Rams and Raiders in the past, but now they are having trouble just getting one team to come to Southern California.

Rumors say the Jacksonville Jaguars or Minnesota Vikings may move to LA, but the Jags are the most likely option of the two unless an expansion team is granted down the road first. This is not intended to anger Bears fans, but Chicago is the third largest city in the US with a population of approximately 3 million. The city already has two professional baseball teams, and there could be a chance the city would support another NFL team. Sadly, it would be very hard for another Chicago-based NFL team to get out from under the shadow of the Bears, but that's why this is just a bonus slide.The Raiders are finally heading to Las Vegas, voted there by a near unanimous 31—1 count.

The people of New England need to remember what it feels like to root for a loser. Fargo thinks Green Bay has resort weather. The Fargo clincher is all the great local commercials players could film for Gustafson Motors.

South Carolina is the new center of the modern sports universe. The Mormons already helped build the Vegas casino empire. The long-time host of the Pro Bowl, Hawaii residents would finally be able to see what tackling and blitzing looks like.

Mike Riley to coach San Antonio franchise; Darryl Johnston to be GM

All the games would be at like 11 p. That alone should be enough for NFL owners to put a team there. They tried to steal the Vikings for a decade, and football-mad Texas could use another team.

The locals are already conditioned to watching expansion team-quality play thanks to years of being sent the Jaguars and Rams. He refuses to suffer the humiliation of playing for a CFL team?

What next for cities abandoned by NFL teams?

This NFL expansion team would be a slight step up. New York has two teams.

San Antonio deserves an NFL team, so move the Raiders - THE HERD

Los Angeles has two teams. I say we give St. Louis another NFL team and see which saying is true. And you know Phil Knight is ready to move to the big leagues anyway.

Do you have any idea how much money the NFL could make selling the new jerseys the Portland franchise would inevitably roll out every half each week? This is a gold mine. Games could be simulcast in both English and Spanish and sold as separate contracts, and all the jerseys and merchandise would have to be in two languages for double the revenue.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Where every pro league should expand ... and where they will

Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Protest The Hero. After the Houston Texans franchise starts play it is revealed there is a plan to increase to fourty teams by The divisions shall go from four teams to five and there shall be a sixteen team playoff with a wildcard round beforehand that you are all free to expand upon further in detail.

There shall also be an additional bye week for teams to help ease player travel worries. I know this may not be to everyone's taste but interesting to see if this could be done. Zheng He. Which POD should we take? The two appear to be mutually exclusive. Either have the big merger in the 80s or a plan for expansion to 40 by For an expansion of eight more teams I would say the following cities are locks - LA, London, Toronto, and San Antonio, particularly the first three since the NFL has made it clear they want teams in those cities.

Columbus sounds like a nice idea but between Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Ohio State I am sure that fourth big time football team in Ohio is in the cards. Also, does this preclude any movement of current teams?

Currently Jacksonville is not doing well in its home market and after this season the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers all have their stadium leases expiring meaning any one of those teams could move to LA.Even so, the NFL has watched its popularity flatten out and, in some cases, shrink, as rising cable costs reduces television viewership, the risk of injury via concussion diminishes participation and social justice protests rub fans the wrong way.

How can the league capitalize on the relative prosperity of its product and continue to grow the sport of football? The league has played at least one game there sinceand as many as four in London in each season.

The city already has a de facto home team in the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have played a "home" game at Wembley Stadium in each of the past six seasons.

It is only five hours difference in terms of time zones, making it just two hours farther from the East Coast than playing in the Pacific time zone. It also has a robust population of crazy sports fans and already ample venues if it wanted to host a team.

If London is going to join the NFL, one would think it would need a European rival, and Frankfurt is less than miles from the English capital. Plus, Frankfurt has a long-standing football culture, which dates back to the World League of American Football in the early s. On top of that, Barcelona has more than 1. Berlin was both a founding and sustaining member of NFL Europe, has more than 3.

Toronto courted the Buffalo Bills during the s decade, but that bid fell apart when the Bills were sold to the Pegulas in The city has 1.

nfl expansion san antonio

Many of those fans still are till stinging from the Expos' departure in and feel they deserve another major professional team. Edmonton has won the second-most Grey Cup championships in league history 14 behind the Toronto Argonauts If the NFL is going to Edmonton, it also would have to expand to its southern provincial rival, too. Calgary, like Edmonton, has a North American sports presence, and has more than 1 million people.

The Raiders have left Oakland before, departing for greener pastures in Los Angeles inbut this move feels different. While the 49ers still are in the region, Santa Clara is not quite San Francisco. Given the wealth, football passion and pedigree in the region, that feels like sacrilege. The NFL needs to go back to Oakland. One even could argue that California now is underrepresented in the league, with the Raiders' exit from Oakland.

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