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Please email about lead times. Finally stop worrying about blown head gaskets, slipped liners, and give your Rover the power it always deserved. These engines are very reliable and the aluminum versions do not weigh much more than a factory Land Rover V8. You can also choose to reuse your Land Rover factory alternator, air conditioning and power steering system with our accessory adapter brackets or fit GM accessory components. The LS engine gives the Land Rover Discovery enough power to comfortably pass and cruise on the highway and enough low-end torque to seamlessly travel over off-road obstacles.

Using regular gasoline, the LS engine gets better fuel economy than the Rover V8, while making more power and torque. He wanted something an enthusiast could do in their own garage at a reasonable price. The fastest way to contact us is via email or the website. If you are a shop, please tell us a little bit about your business and your familiarity with Land Rover vehicles. Please include a link to your website or social media page if you have one.

LS Swap Systems

Shop Now. Quick View. Inexpensive and Common LS Parts. Driving Experience. The Story of Alternative Conversion Engineering. Get in Touch. Contact Us. Thanks for submitting!Default Kit: Transfer case adapter, oil pan, headers and motor mounts. Choose from transmission type in the dropdown.

All Accessory Drives Water Pumps. All Body Panels Roll Pan. Recent Posts. Welcome to LSx Everything! As our name implies, we are your one-stop shop for everything related to y …. Mar 11th Leon Millette. My fellow C10 friend! I hope that you are doing well! Are you building a C10, and are not sure i …. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required.

land rover ls swap kit

Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Transmission: Required Please choose an option 4L80E. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. The automatic transmission and adaptor is longer than the transmission being replaced. For this reason drive shafts and transfer case mountings will require modification. Refit front drive shaft and check the clearance between it and the side of the automatic transmission sump. Modify the sump if required by removing the corner section.

When modifying an automatic sump make sure that the modifications do not interfere with the valve body. All automatic transmissions require the use of a suitable transmission cooler. This can either be incorporated into the original radiator or a remote type can be used. Alternatively a T-bar set up can be used from an automatic Range Rover with modification.

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land rover ls swap kit

Quick view. Ultimate Kit - all options above. Basic kit includes what you see below. Choose options from above to build to spec. Add to Cart. These kits include an in-line Edelbrock electric Hello LSx Guys!

Get your B-Body on the road daily - get your project on the road with this swap kit! On Sale. Get your G-Body on the road daily - get your project on the road with this swap kit! Customers Also Viewed. Their engineersAFTER a huge investment in research and development, we are delighted to be able to offer this amazing engine and gearbox package for fitment into the Land Rover Defender.

Nene Overland is now totally committed to offering the first correct and complete conversion solution to upgrade your Puma Defender to the ultimate in low down power delivery of a Chevrolet LS 6. Thanks to our longstanding experience installing all manner of diesel and petrol engines since the late s, and our ability to understand and overcome some of the immense electrical and engineering challenges, we are confident that the inventory of parts — unique to Nene Overland — will enable remote specialist installers to carry out fitment worldwide without the need for any chassis welding or fabrication of one off brackets.

You will retain existing Land Rover Defender front and rear prop shafts, allowing the engine to fit at a far more natural, shallow angle rather than the excessive pitch of the engine offered by some other companies, which results in exaggerated stress to front prop shaft and unacceptable vibration at higher road speeds.

A stainless steel exhaust system has been developed in-house at Nene Overland, again to enable simple fitment and long term reliability providing great performance with some V8 attitude without unacceptable droning while on long motorway drives.

Further, bespoke twin pipe, quad pipe or side exit exhausts can also be offered to special order. We have developed a correct, full width, deep core, alloy cooling radiator with full size, twin electric cooling fans and alloy ducting that has top and bottom inlet and outlets in the correct place to allow coolant to flow through the whole radiator core.

This provides maximum cooling while in heavy city traffic or out in extreme hot climates whilst pushing the vehicle hard, off or on road. Our conversion utilises the existing Defender LT transfer case which, while obviously being ultra-strong, also allows us to make use of a range of gear ratios and fitment of centre limited slip differential. We have spent many months developing a totally unique Dash-Driver ECU which is simply plugged into the vehicle, eliminating the need to spend a huge amount of time trying — and failing — to hardwire all the Defender dashboard functions.

The Land Rover factory-fitted alarm and immobiliser also works as intended. This might all sound straightforward, but if you speak to other installers other than Nene Overland, please ask them if they can match this functionality and note their vague response.

A bespoke wiring harness will also be provided as part of the kit that is made to exactly fit your Defender, automatic gearbox and engine installation in a tidy, OEM standard way. Be in no doubt that this is the most exciting, world-first project to offer a correct installation solution to enable every Land Rover Defender owner the ultimate driving pleasure gained from the Corvette 6.

Additional power upgrades are available for power increases, providing over bhp. We offer several different solutions for Auto Gearbox conversions from the touch-pad detailed above to the more traditional automatic gear selector below.

Both with or without additional paddle-shift. Please talk to our specialist performance team for further details. Click the above image to read the article from LRO magazine about one of our 6. We are happy to aid and advise on this. When are you looking to buy? What is your price range? Do you need finance? Are you VAT registered? Your Message. Land Rover Defender 6.They incorporate a radiused shape, angled coil mounting, and a billet fill cap. Plus, the coils mount directly to the cover with no need for a bracket in—between.

Do you own a vehicle with an LS based engine, but love the looks of a big—block Chevy? My Account My Cart. Holley and Hooker have partnered together to offer the most versatile and complete LS swap kits on the market so you can install the GM LS engine into your favorite chassis! You may be interested in What's Lamer — '72 Nova Or a '77 Omega? See More. Narrow Results.

land rover ls swap kit

Items 1 - of Sort By Product Name. Page: 1. Part Part QFT. Part VK The threaded mounting holes in the bracket are M Part ERL. Part M. Stainless Steel. Part FB Inlet and Outlet fittings are available separately in three different sizes based on your hose size needs. Part BK. Part P. Part HKR. Individual systems will vary based on fuel system design, regulator type, fuel cell location, etc Internal Regulator is preset at Part RHKR. Part BHS Part BH Sold Individually.

Use 2 mounts per vehicle. Collector Size 3 inch O. Part HKRThese companies offer kits or individual products to help with an engine swap. These are kits I have come across while researching for articles. I have not been paid to post nor make any claims as to their quality.

Use at your own risk. Please contact us to submit a product or kit. Scroll left or right to see more details. Want your product to stand out from the rest? Please get in contact with us. Swap Kit List Scroll left or right to see more details. RB Factory. Hux Racing. JSP Fab. CX Racing. Jags That Run. Detroit Speed. Pucker Factory. Dakota Customs.

Levels Performance. LSx Everything. NSX K-series engine swap mounts. RX8 Performance. V8 Roadsters. SCP Parts. Zombie Motors. Freed Engineering.One option they offer is upgrading the Defender engine to something with a lot more power. Every piece of the body was gone over to make for a new green paint job. Some body pieces such as the bulkhead and doors were replaced with new galvanized metal. Areas that might suffer rocks chips or heavy use such as floors were covered in Rhino Liner.

No modifications were needed on the chassis. The engine choice was a 6. The engine was wired using a Speartech harness. This allowed plug-and-play connection with the 6L80E six-speed automatic transmission. The transmission was setup with a manual shift mode that is controlled via a button the shifter. A billet adapter was used to connect the transmission to the factory LT transfer case.

Source: East Coast Rover Co. Tariq Malik. June 20, at am. I have a range rover classic currently with a 3. Either manual of Auto. June 20, at pm. I recommend contacting East Coast Rover directly and asking them. August 17, at pm. Tom tomkins. June 12, at am. Sean Lawler. September 4, at am.

Victor Pardo. November 20, at am. Would you send me options and prices. Your email address will not be published. Send new articles to your email inbox. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed.Ceramic coated to keep the engine bay cooler and to protect the look and function of these custom headers. This area is extremely tight and no off the shelf headers will suit this application.

High flow four into one headers with 3" outlet.

Land Rover Defender 6.2 LS V8 Conversion

Perfect for this application. These are a great shifter for a LS conversion. In our conversions we do not use a modified commodore loom, we get them custom made to our specifications. Les Richmond Automotive.

Land Rover / Range Rover LS Engine Swap Components

More details. This system plugs between the throttle pedal and the loom. Once setup and operating this unit will take control of the throttle pedal. Easy to install. Comes with a Stalk style control unit. As there is no switched neutral park safety switch or reverse triggers from the automatic. LS Engine Mount Kit Heavy duty weld in mounts specially designed to clear the front differential without hindering the crack centre line position.

Utilizing GM LS designed large rubber engine mounts, this system gives the best results in strength and vibration dampening. LS Land Rover Headers Ceramic Coated Ceramic coated to keep the engine bay cooler and to protect the look and function of these custom headers. This sump has the pickup right at the rear with a shallow forward pan giving excellent clearance. Set perfect angles and even load distribution. Requires welding together. With adjustable mounting position really makes setting up the compressor quite simple.

Complete with bearing idler for perfect belt wrap. Designed to use the Ashcroft HiLo shifter kit. Comes in kit form as shown with no upholstery, shifter or transmission tunnel kit, all sold separately. Custom Ordered LS Loom In our conversions we do not use a modified commodore loom, we get them custom made to our specifications.

All brand new made to our specifications. Corvette Accelerator Pedal The corvette pedal is used over a holden one because it has a metal pedal arm. This allows the accelerator to be easilly modified to get the accelerator position in exactly the right position.

Perfect for the LS engine conversion holding the fuel pressure at a constant 58psi to a dead head system. To create online store ShopFactory eCommerce software was used.

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