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GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience Android iOS Gameplay

Rate this:. GT Racing: Motor Academy. Share this? Experience the finest driving sensations ever by controlling one of over cars featured in GT Racing: Motor Academy. Take your wheels for a spin on 14 tracks, including the iconic Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, urban and even rally tracks. Begin as a rookie and pass your driving tests and challenges to master all the subtleties of racing and attain the highest honor in the sport.

For fans of racing simulation games. Critic Reviews. Score distribution:. Positive: 5 out of 6. Mixed: 1 out of 6. Negative: 0 out of 6. Gearheads, waste no time getting to the App Store. All this publication's reviews Read full review. GT Racing is a solid racing game which will appeal to those looking for a more realistic racing experience.GT Racing: Motor Academy. Gameloft's hardcore racing sim is headed to the iPad soon.

Like many of the mobile maker's popular iPhone games, Gameloft's racing simulator GT Racing Motor Academy is getting the iPad treatment in the very near future. GT Racing is a hardcore driving game, more akin to Gran Turismo. Fans of arcade style racers are definitely better off with titles like Asphalt 5 HD, although GT Racing does manage to include some accessible control schemes for players that aren't necessarily total gearheads. It still features oodles of tracks pulled from the real world and over licensed cars from different time periods.

gt racing motor academy

However, what has definitely changed is presentation. Now, GT Racing on the iPhone was hardly an unattractive game -- perhaps a touch sterile, but still quite the looker. Especially when played on an iPhone 3GS. GT Racing on the iPad features some significant visual upgrades. Every single car and cockpit has been remade for the iPad, each with all-new textures to make them look even more like their actual showroom counterparts. GT Racing also benefits from increased draw distance, which certainly helps not just with aesthetics, but actual racing.

When you are tearing down the track at almost mph, it's helpful to see a turn far in advance. Look for GT Racing to pop up on the iPad very soon. And expect a full review right here on IGN. Was this article informative? YES NO. In This Article. Summary: Experience a finely-tuned driving sensation by controlling one of over cars featured in GT Racing: Motor Academy.

Genres: Racing. Platforms: iPhone, iPad. Developers: Gameloft. Publishers: Gameloft. Release Date: February 8, IGN Logo Recommends.GT Racing: Motor Academy. GT Racing: Motor Academy - an interesting racing simulator that is just perfect for all fans of this genre, if you think that this characterizes you, then the game will suit you just perfectly.

It's just great graphics, and well-designed world, look around is always nice, as you can quickly see for yourself. The sound is not inferior to the picture, it turned out to be extremely cheerful and attractive, as you will quickly see for yourself, the mood of something like this supports perfectly, and it is a pleasure to rush forward to music of this type. Visual effects are also very rich, during the passage, you will be able to observe a lot of different colorful effects that will give the gameplay a lot of additional appeal.

It is worth noting that there is an incredibly huge selection of a wide variety of cars, here you can surely find any transport to your taste, and what is especially important, all the cars available here have real analogues. So if you are a big car enthusiast, you can quickly find a huge number of cars to your liking.

GT Racing: Motor Academy the game is quite dynamic, which means only one thing, during the passage, the world around you will constantly change, which only adds to the game, a very solid share of complexity, for example, snow or rain, which can suddenly go at any time in the game, will greatly complicate your passage. The game excites the blood perfectly, causing a surge of adrenaline, the races here are just incredibly realistic, so that you will regularly have a feeling, a feeling that you are really driving a real car, and already for the sake of such feelings, and it is worth playing this game, any racer should be delighted.

Game Features: Excellent graphics, a picture that is extremely detailed and colorful, causes only the most real warm feelings, some shortcomings, you will not find; Dynamic world, the further you play, the more diverse and unusual events you will meet on your way, and all of them will bring a considerable share of originality to the game; A large selection of vehicles, all kinds of cars, were collected here for every taste, so you will definitely be able to find; Excellent optimization, you will almost certainly be able to run a similar game on most modern smartphones; Convenient operation, everything is perfectly optimized for the touch screen, and the controls are in their places.

Related apps. Comments 0.GT Racing: Motor Academy is a free driving simulator for phones and tablets with the Google operating system. As in all racing games, you must unlock new vehicles and circuits, in addition to passing several skill tests. The game has a realistic and very neat 3D graphic aspect which guarantees a feeling of realism and maximum speed. Are you ready for the challenge? GT Racing: Motor Academy is one of the most striking car games on this platform so far.

You can download it directly from the Google Play Store. But it will only give you the original version. No need to worry about the modified version and those who have problems accessing the Google Play Store or are unable to download the app for any other reason. We are here to solve all your problems.

Download GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ 1.4.0 for Android

Many websites claim to provide the latest updates to the GT Racing: Motor Academy Apk, but none of them really prove their point. However, websites provide older links that access to older versions that are not useful. The link we provide gives you access to an updated version of the game, allowing the user to unlock all levels and modes.

All you have to do is go through the installation process to get the latest version of the GT Racing: Motor Academy Apk. APK Ring. Casual Strategy Sport Simulations Race. Desktop Logical Quests Adventure Music. Music and Video Personalization Education Office.

Weather Travel Camera Photography. File Managers Translators Link Tools. App By: Gameloft. Download 1. This driving simulator looks phenomenal. Hours of racing and challenges! Characteristics of GT Racing: Motor Academy "History" mode and local or online multiplayer mode for up to 6 participants. Realistic physics engine for have a real driving experience.

GT Racing: Motor Academy Apk for Android Free Download

Conditions and additional information:. Minimum operating system required: Android 2.Hardcore sim racers that love to root around under the hood and nail precision laps will get the most out of GT Racing. Gearheads, waste no time getting to the App Store. GT Racing: Motor Academy. Essentially, Gran Turismo for the iPhone. Featuring a shopping list of features lifted from the definitive gearhead game including over licensed cars and driving tests, GT Racing is an undeniable download that may lack the heart-pounding passion of Need for Speed Shift, but has no App Store equal in breadth and depth.

If there is any major fault at play in GT Racing, it is a distinct lack of personality. Though there is a career ladder to climb, at no point do you ever feel truly attached to the mysterious invisible driver that is your in-game avatar. With no drama, GT Racing feels somewhat mechanical. However, it is built to shine the spotlight on its stars -- the machines -- which look gorgeous running on an iPhone 3G S. Pulled from 24 different manufacturers from Ford to Ferrari, the garage in GT Racing is the largest found in any iPhone game, and it is understandable why Gameloft may has been inclined to ditch anything that would have taken attention away from the vehicles themselves.

In career mode, you strive to complete a series of races on fourteen tracks, also pulled from real life. However, as part of your career, you must finish a series of driving tests that grow increasingly complex and technical.

GT Racing rewards cool precision over brawn, even in the jump-in-and-play arcade mode. There is a certain class of racing gamer that adores this style of driving as evidenced by the boffo success of Gran Turismo. That same player will absolutely love GT Racing. And even if you don't necessarily like the Gran Turismo school of racing, it is hard not to be impressed by the technical achievements in GT Racing. According to Gameloft, it developed an all-new physics racing engine for GT Racing.

I'm inclined to believe the claim considering that GT Racing has the best controls of all of Gameloft's racers, including the excellent Asphalt series. Once calibrated, the tilt steering is amazingly precise. And I love how no two cars in GT Racing feel the same. In itself, this is a reward for unlocking new vehicles, as you have a definite new experience even when replaying previous events and tracks.

GT Racing's depth extends beyond just car selection, too. You can tune your vehicles in a garage with money banked from race winnings. Just like changing a vehicle will affect how you approach a race, tweaking what's under the hood also changes your racing performance.

Word of advice: do not hoard cash just to buy cars. Funnel some of that money to upgrade your current garage. You will win more races, which in turn results in extra cash. GT Racing is a real performer on the iPhone.

gt racing motor academy

I already praised the exquisite car models, which are truly remarkable small-screen recreations of their real-life counterparts, especially the cockpit views.

But the speed and smoothness of play deserve equal attention. During my time with GT Racing, I encountered no framerate hiccups, which is something that occasionally plagues iPhone racers. However, I played GT Racing on an iPhone 3G S, so if you play on an earlier model of the handset or iPod Touch, you may not get the same screaming performance out of the game.

Gameloft also includes online multiplayer over Wi-Fi, which is a very cool addition and I suspect will get tremendous use out of hardcore fans. Those would be the same fans that actively post YouTube clips of their best laps right from GT Racing. Was this article informative? YES NO. In This Article. Summary: Experience a finely-tuned driving sensation by controlling one of over cars featured in GT Racing: Motor Academy.

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GT Racing: Motor Academy

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gt racing motor academy free

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gt racing motor academy

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