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For a lot of folks, the production Hemi that came installed under the hood of cars like the Dodge Charger and the Plymouth Barracuda serves as the pinnacle of street performance. And because of the 2.

The latest case in point comes to us in the form of their Victor Jr. Designed for Elephant motors with 4. Today, companies like Edelbrock have a number of development tools at their disposal that help engineers fine-tune their designs faster and more effectively than ever. But for a number of years, ongoing improvements for the Hemi cylinder head had to be put on the back burner at Edelbrock.

Eventually that non-compete clause in the contract ran out, so Edelbrock was free to start developing their own Gen II Hemi heads.

Street Series HEMI

Then we started to really consider the specific type of customer these heads would be aimed at, and it was a natural progression from there. Our heads flow cfm as cast, right out of the box. This makes it much easier to build a horsepower motor with an as-cast head, which saves money on porting and allows room for porting down the road if you need it.

On the exhaust side of the equation, Edelbrock bucked conventional wisdom to some degree. Among other tweaks, Edelbrock's Victor Jr heads feature a revised exhaust valve angle to accommodate larger intake valves, and brass tubes are installed in exhaust pushrod holes to allow for maximum clearance with minimal port intrusion.

This allowed them to essentially prototype their designs through these renderings before ever sending specifications to a foundry. By using molded casts of those renderings, they could even be used for a few live dyno pulls before the engine gets too hot. We know a few things about airflow management and velocity. Despite the fact that these heads are aimed at builders using aftermarket blocks, Cederstrand points out that they will work with standard Gen II Hemi exhaust components.

Factory exhaust manifolds, headers, etc, will work fine with them. In terms of performance gains, Cederstrand says that out of the box, builders should see roughly a horsepower gain, and an equal bump in torque versus stock style heads on a motor with basic bolt-on modifications.

After running some tests with the Mopar Performance heads, a respectable Bolting on a set of Edelbrock's Victor Jr. Hemi heads, horsepower increased to Simply bolting on these heads was good for a power increase of Add some other modifications to the Gen II Hemi, and you'll see even more power.

Just swapping out the stock iron heads for this set of Edelbrock heads, which are built from A aluminum alloy, is enough to take more than pounds off the front end of the car. These heads are available from Edelbrock either bare without valves or complete with valveswith the latter offering a choice of configuration for either a hydraulic roller cam or a flat tappet cam. Edelbrock also offers a single-plane, dual-quad intake manifold PN.

Edelbrock's dual-quad, single-plane Hemi intake is compatible with factory style cylinder heads, but has been optimized for use with their Victor Jr heads.

Using a Mopar Performance crate engine as the test bed, Edelbrock saw a gain of 35 horsepower by swapping over to their dual quad, single-plane manifold from the factory-style manifold that the crate motor comes equipped with.

HEMI Parts

Edelbrock's Power Package top end kit brings together the heads, intake, and the Rollin' Thunder hydraulic camshaft under one part number.These hemi stands retain factory geometry with improved oiling. Billet aluminum stands with modified geometry for Millennium Stage V race heads. Complete set with hardware.

gen 2 hemi heads

Manton Extreme duty thick wall shafts are used for improved valve train stability and endurance in race applications with high spring pressures. We highly recommend the use of Stage V stainless roller rockers in all our engines. They incorporate improved geometry and better oiling than just about any rocker we have tested. We use them exclusively in our bracket and NSS race engines. FHO stocks them in 1. Other ratios available. Eric Hansen of Stage V describes the process of making these extreme quality rockers.

The rocker arms are investment cast from ph virgin stainless steel ingot. They undergo a very expensive heat treat process that includes homogenizing, and sub-zero routines. They are machined in the heat treated condition which is more difficult but the outcome is vastly superior. Stage V 1. The Super Wide Pads. We inspect and final machine them in house for proper geometry and improved oiling, and they are adequate for all street and most mild bracket race applications.

Tired of broken or prematurely worn out adjusters? We only use Manton TF quality adjusters in our engines.

gen 2 hemi heads

Feature feed hole for improved oiling from splash. Working with Manley, we have the solution. This system encapsulates the oversize lash cap, making it virtually a failsafe system.

We also hold the ID of the caps to the minimum, reducing valve tip wear even further. This system is designed for. FHO Order Line Billet Hemi Rocker Stands.

True 426 HEMI Horsepower 'The Keeper'

Sold as a complete set with hardware package. Standard wall shafts are used for restoration and most street applications. Hemi Rockers. HD Valve Lash Adjusters.Register Login. Select Location. Place Ad. The salesman told me he could get me a Hemi for it. I never bought the car because Uncle Sam drafted me and sent me to Vietnam.

Was the salesman telling the truth about being able to buy the Hemi for the Belvedere? I now have a Belvedere with a engine. Is there a kit to make my into a Hemi? Thanks for any help you can provide. Ed DeZutel, email. A: Ed, that salesman told you the truth as the "race" Hemi was available as an option on the Belvedere. However, only were ever built as the race Hemi was not engineered for driving on the street.

The tamer Street Hemi appeared inand over 3, were sold. Max emphasized, however, that the layman answer is no, the stock Hemi heads will not fit a stock block.

See www. It's not a cheap process by any means, but certainly a great way to go if you can afford it. Max, however, pointed to the fact that you probably have a great engine in your car right now just waiting for a rebuild. I also emphasize that any buildup should be based on the wedge instead of an expensive Hemi if "size of wallet" conditions are part of the equation.

Currently, Max is working on a restoration project on my Challenger RT clone, and is ready to apply a new Edelbrock top end power kit Partcomplete with aluminum heads, cam and lifters, intake, gaskets, timing chain and much more. The block will feature a stock steel crank. We'll keep you updated on this build as time goes on. Both Naylor and I feel the rebuild won't break your pocketbook, and produce surprising horsepower.

The choice is yours, however, based on your budget. Will it be wedge or Hemi? Let us know which way you go. View Count 2, Browse Articles by Category. Auto Album. Car Show News. Cars We Remember. Collector Car Corner. Mark C. Pizzo's Petroliana. Readers' Rides. The Bortz Report. The Stars In Our Cars. Top Collector Car Searches. Truckin' with Mark C.See all 13 photos.

What gearhead doesn't dream of having a Hemi-powered muscle machine? Like you, I've shared that dream since childhood. It all started by going for a ride in a '69 Hemi Road Runner back in the spring of At that impressionable age of 12, I was hooked with Hemi fever.

gen 2 hemi heads

This green Hemi car was owned by my neighbor's brother-in-law. He told us the hood inserts were in place to bait and then waste the unsuspecting on the street. After our ride he showed me the engine with the plug wires going through the center of valve covers. I was hooked.

What makes the Hemi so great is its cool-looking head design that makes efficient power. That's why in today's world when you look under a hood, you'll likely see a Hemi head design.

The hemispherically shaped combustion chamber with the opposed-angle position of the valves lends itself to the best flow and combustion efficiency of any cylinder head design. Fortunately for us Hemi lovers, Chrysler began experimenting with hemispherical cylinder head designs back in the s during the war. They found out it was the most efficient cylinder head design for pushing more air in and out of an engine, because it made the most power without increasing displacement.

Now it's the 50th anniversary of the Street Hemi, and with as many years in technological engine advancements, now was a great time for me to build my dream: a brutal pump-gas Street Hemi.

The Mopar foundry making the Hemi block casting was closed for a few years, causing it to be difficult to obtain a block. Recently, the foundry reopened and is currently producing new beefier cast-iron Gen II Hemi blocks.

Plus, Edelbrock is making the latest improved edition of the Hemi cylinder head Victor Jr. First we'll start by modifying a set of the new Edelbrock Hemi heads with renowned Hemi engine expert Ray Barton, the man who practically reinvented the Hemi.

Barton-built Hemis have been setting NHRA, land-speed, and other racing records for decades, keeping the Hemi on top for over 40 years. The new Edelbrock Victor Jr. They flow over cfm out of the box and feature cc stock-size intake runners, making for excellent port velocity and street performance.

They're an easy bolt-on replacement for the stock Gen II Hemi while offering big gains over the original units. The is for those planning to run a solid camshaft or one with more than. This head only requires the springs, seals, retainers, and locks to match your cam choice. The port work and valve job is a service available from RBRE.

Dan Foley Writer. Fast Facts Edelbrock Victor Jr. Combustion chamber volume: cc Intake runner volume: cc Exhaust runner volume: cc Intake valve diameter: 2.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.See all 11 photos. Is it a real Hemi? That was the cry nearly 10 years ago when the daring engineers at Chrysler slapped the sacred Hemi slur on the valve covers of their new V8 engine and unceremoniously dropped it into a truck. The trolls on the Web were so busy complaining that they overlooked what has to be the best mass-production Hemi cylinder head Mother has ever produced. Now, after corporate bloodbaths, government meddling, and bratwurst in the company cafeteria, the Hemi is really getting good.

Especially the heads. Let's take a look. As this is written, there are four cylinder head designs. Inthe inch 5. Afterthe 5. As the engines got larger, the heads improved with the help of larger valve sizes and improved ports.

As cams got bigger, the beehive springs got more aggressive and capable of handling more lift. The current king is the Apache head that is reported to flow more than cfm.

Chrysler Hemi engine

We've been playing with the heads on the eBay 5. During this process we began bench-racing upgrades for more power and quickly realized we had the smallest heads available. Of course, we wanted more so we called Dave Weber at Modern Muscle Performance to see what would fit and how far we could go. The 5. It has a cc intake port that flows between cfm at 0.

We've seen published numbers stating cfm, and we've independently tested the stock pair off the '06 eBay Hemi from a Dodge Ram truck and saw cfm. The intake valve is 2. The exhaust port is a small square with a 50cc port volume and flows around cfm at 0.

Again, using independent testing, we saw cfm through the port. The valve measures 1. As with the early head, the Eagle uses rocker shafts and 1. The Eagle uses 2. The rocker support is taller, and the valve-guide support boss sits higher on the top side of the head, moving it out of the intake port. The Eagle uses a larger square port like the 6. The 6. The D-shaped 57cc exhaust port flows cfm at 0. The cam on the 6.

At 74cc, the open chamber is smaller than that on the 5. Aside from the larger- diameter valves, the 6. This is the latest head that you will find on '11 SRT 6.

It uses the same rockers and bolt pattern as the 6. The square intake ports are closing in on 2x2 inches and the flow is in the cfm range. To fit the larger valves and improved port, the guide is moved outside the port so the heads will only fit a 6.

For the budget guy who just wants to port the cylinder heads and change the cam, the 5. If you are modifying a late-model Charger or truck, Weber recommends these two mods and a good exhaust system with headers to pick up between and hp at the wheels.Then, the options start. The dual exhaust bolt pattern makes the cylinder heads completely ambidextrous left to right, with the added benefit of the dual exhaust bolt pattern allowing turbo users to flip the exhaust manifolds for forward-mounted turbochargers.

All three options are CNC-machined and feature ductile iron valve seats with bronze valve guides, as standard, while retaining the stock dual-plug layout. In addition to the three chamber sizes and designs, there are four different size intake valve options on the complete heads, ranging from 2.

The rocker arm stands have been reinforced over the stock design, as well, which not only strengthens the rocker system mounting, but also adds rigidity and helps reduce deflection.

The complete heads are also available with either PSI beehive valvesprings or optional PSI dual valvesprings to work with the factory rocker arm system.

These things are seriously badass: X racer Rob Goss has used them atop his record-setting Challenger to run some seriously-quick times in We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. About Us Sponsors Advertising.

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E-Comm Sales: Sales: Tech: Be the first to review this product. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Add to Wish List. Out of stock. SKU Notify me when this product is in stock. Fast Shipping. Tech Support. Easy Returns. Fast shipping. Edelbrock prides themselves in ensuring all products are shipped as quickly as possible. Easy returns. Edelbrock offers a quick and painless return process on all new and unused products.

Tech support. Edelbrock Tech Support is second to none. We can answer any of your tech inquiries! High quality. Edelbrock core products are made in the USA offering unsurpassed quality and performance. Reviews No reviews added. Value 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Submit Review. It's designed to fit with the stock intake manifold, exhaust manifold, valve cover, rockers, spark plugs and accessories, as well as Hellcat components. They are cast from A aluminum and heat treated to T6 specifications, machined and assembled at Edelbrock's facility in Torrance, California for guaranteed quality.

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