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Use this list when calling local locksmiths to ask them if they have the proper equipment. We suggest you go in person to investigate your local stores and confirm wither or not they can do the work. Remember, if they can "read" your key then most likely they can "clone" it. Registering is the procedure used to register most times called programming new keys into your immobilizer system for recognition.

The procedure varies from model to model. BUT we can change the lock combination of most locks to keep that from happening. If you purchase a Pre-Programmed key from us Keys by Code then this means the key will come with its transponder chip pre-programmed with a code Based on your Code Card Information so now it just needs to be registered into the bike's immobilizer system thus allowing the bike to recognize it and allow engine start.

See bellow for model specific Step-by-Step procedures. We often get asked a lot of questions about the ECU and immobilizer built into Ducati motorcycles, and they do seem to reset themselves from time to time, especially if the battery drains for any length of time.

Symptoms are typically that you can no longer start the bike using your normal key s. Black keys cannot be copies of each other. After override, the immobilizer will be disabled until you turn ignition off. Contact us for details and pricing.

ducati immobilizer code

The Vespa additional key programming process is pretty simple and doesn't involve any complex or expensive dealer equipment or require you to have Mechanical or Electrical engineering degree. You will need your master brown key, and any OEM blue keys to be programmed. You can program multiple blue keys in the same session, so if you have more than one, have all of them ready.

As you all know OEM Service manuals and literature are not known for their easy to follow instructional format. The OEM information has been either pasted and or translated to "Plain English" and into it's simplest form for the average user to understand.

Ducati Parts Unlimited will not be held liable for any issues or problem arising from the use, misuse, misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the information contained within this page or within this website. We simply provide the links to where you can find them on the web for FREE.

With the above being said and by you continuing to read this section or any other section of this website you are releasing Ducati Parts Unlimited and any of its employees and affiliates from any liability. Our parts and services all come with their own Ducati factory or Ducati Parts Unlimited satisfaction guarantee.Tired of searching the web for answers to some of the most asked questions regarding Ducati and its electronic immobilizer and coded keys?

Or maybe the infamous Red Key dilemma, how they work, why you need them and how can you get replacements? Well, this section will be your last stop in your search for answers. If you don't find the answers you seek in this section, PLEASE contact us with your questions and we will address your concerns and update this page accordingly. Most older Duacti's Pre use the RED Key system and most new Ducati owners don't really understand the role of the red key well here it is. It is just called an "Emergency Key".

This emergency key is used in case the Hands-Free Fob is lost and you'll need to start the bike. So you'll place this key near the antenna and hit start. But this section is NOT about those red keys as they are merely a standard black key with some red pain on them. All of the above situations will cause you to be unable to recover the use of your Ducati either permanently or temporarily. If you enter programming mode you will need the other two black keys plus the code card in order to exit the system without any ill effects to the system.

Same goes if you trip the immobilizer, you'll need the code card electronic code in order to override it. If you enter system settings accidentally who knows what you will change. Remember all settings are controlled by the hand controls on the bike Throttle, Mode, Clutch, Brake, ect Stuff you do every time you ride, so you see it will be very easy to enter any form or programming or set-up mode by using your red master key as a daily use key.

Code cards are as critical as red keys to Ducati's. Depending on the Ducati model, code cards include different information all critical and essential. Code cards include useful and critical information about your keys. Older code cards contain "Electronic" key codes and "mechanical" key codes.

On newer code cards Ducati placed the factory programmed PIN for the dash. In some cases this PIN can be re-set to any personal favorite. On certain models its user select-able and others you must use software.

That's why it's critical that you keep this information or a photo of the card in your phone, wallet, jacket, helmet or any other place in case you need to use it. But all in all the code card and its information is critical and valuable in the event you loose all your keys, need to program new keys to replace a missing or stolen key or to register new ECU or Dash into the system.

Now if you take your code card to the dealer depending on bike model be prepared to wait weeks to get your replacement keys PLUS hold on to your wallet if its a newer "Hi-Security Laser" key. There's a lot of misinformation out there about used Ducati dashes. Can I use them?

ducati immobilizer code

Why can't I use them? Bellow you'll find the answers you seek. All Ducati models have different system requirements but all models will allow the use of a used dash as long as you know what you need to get with that used dash. Each model requires different specific parts to be kept together in order for the system to work See bellow for model specific information.

The risk of the previous owner having the ability to steal the bike by using the PIN to override the immobilizer and steal the bike.

ducati immobilizer code

So if you purchase a dash without keys don't worry we can get keys and code card for you. Another one of the many services we offer is Dash Cloning.

Its a way for you to use a used dash on your bike to replace a damaged dash by cloning its internal memory into the memory of the donor dash. If you buy one of these older dashes or ECUs used and do not get all keys Red key is a plus but not mandatory for operation plus the matching ECU or dash you will NOT be able to make it work on your bike without additional re-programming by us or by a similar entity.

If you buy one of these dashes used and do not get keys or the matching PIN you will NOT be able to make it work on your bike without additional re-programming by us or by a similar entity. If you replace your dash with a used unit your millage will be displayed as Ducati Forum. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Hello interwebs! About to set the bike on fire I got the immo disabled by Avanti a while back but the ECU has been disconnected from power for months.

Not entirely sure what to do now! I'll email Avanti and see what he recommends. I can't remember if it had that stored EFI error before but just ran without it? Like x 1 Agree x 1. Just got mine working again. I had a Both still apply but the bike runs fine. Have you tried removing the shim from behind the crank position sensor? I did this and mine fired up, so I replaced the sensor for a new one one costing 25 quid, which Derek pointed me at.

Error Codes

WTF x 1. It must be sparking enough to backfire then. Replacing my old Motolectric cable kit with one of Exiges was the final link that got my starting and running properly again. Agree x 1. All sorted now! Turns out the starter cable was too close to the crank position sensor and I'm guess it didn't like the emf. Runs like a champ now!

Annoyed about the filters though Like x 1 Dislike x 1. How come the position or routeing of the cable changed to produce the problem? I have some race type Ducati filters sat on a shelf going cheap, PM me if you are interested. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?As years went by immobilizers came into play and the headaches for rides began. So once again we started offering the rider community with lost key recovery services at much less and with a faster turnaround time than the dealer.

We also started offering clone-able key blanks to riders that wanted to be proactive and have back-ups of their keys to avoid having to spend hundreds to recover lost keys later. Today we are one of a select few companies worldwide that can proudly offer to get you back on the road fast and for less money that the dealer.

We have options and solutions NOT typically available to dealerships. So if you are in need of anything key or immobilizer related or if you're just simply looking for a new or discontinued OEM part give us a try, email us for a quote. We wont disappoint. Our parts inventory comes mainly from liquidated or closed dealership inventory thorough Europe.

Due to the nature of our business our parts inventory changes very often, so if you see something you like, don't wait too long to buy. Providing parts and services since on eBay. Featured Products. View All Products. Site Links Home Shop Terms.Discussion in ' Technical Help ' started by higgyJun 8, Ducati Forum. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. I have an 09 showing error code immobiliser Had to leave it at work cos my spare key and code card is at home 50 miles away so couldn't do anything to try and sort it. The aerial is still in place.

Cheers Higgy.

ducati immobilizer code

WAT 3. UP I believe Is the ariel loose under a carbon key guard? Are you parked near a mobile mast? Sometimes hidden in petrol station signs.

Error Codes

Thanks for the replies. I have a Blackberry in a case which has a magnet in it and I may have put the key and the case together The reason I think this may be a problem is i have put car park tickets in my top pocket with my phone and it has wiped them.

Hmmmm, After you've tried the other key, if you don't have any luck PM Chrisw on here, he's a wizard with all things key and immo related. Like x 1. There have been instances of water getting under the antenna shroud and blocking the signal.Remember me. How do I remove the Immobilizer from my bike?

Ducati Monster 696 796 and 1100 immobilizer override

No matter what I do the damn thing just says error Immo I just want the damn thing removed. If someone steals it insurance can buy me a new one. Anyone done this on a track bike and know how? Why not just leave the keys in your ignition to make things easier?

Originally Posted by Snowleopard8. Have the same problem no codes. I would like to also remove the Immobilizer???????? It doesn't look for the key chip or immobilizer and you can use a used dash that was keyed to another bike if needed. Also you can take it with you to your nextor Hypermotard ect Will this work on a ???? I believe the Microtec is the same as the Nemesis in regards to they both eliminate the immobilizer all together, so you dont have to worry about getting anything coded to the ecu.

Also you could buy a blank Ducati key take it and your ignition or bike to a locksmith and have a key cut for that bike and it should work. I realized that the Immobilizer codes are stored in the display, I had swapped it out while the bike was apart cause it had a big scratch on it, swapped it back and it started right up. I guess I will live with the scratch!!

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Bottom line, don't buy a used Ducati with a code card! It came with 1 key and nothing else. I bought it right so I'm not complaining about the bike it self however when I tried to get another key I was made aware that was not possible without the code card.

I was not aware of all this at the time of purchase. Knowing now that and the fact that a bike is worth far less without a set of keys and card got me to do some research. I'm very tempted to do it. BTW, this bike is like new. It had miles on it when I bought it and now has 2, on it. GSFeb 13, Feb 13, 2. Is it fully functional?

Sucks that you found out for everybody. I wasn't aware how much those things would cost. Did you talk to DaveR? He's very knowledgeable regarding Duc's. Feb 13, 3. BMW stores all the codes by vin and a dealer can order you a new key even if you've lost everything simply with the vin.

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