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For vintage-flavoured practice or home noodling, these are genuinely impressive amps that recreate some of Fender's greatest moments. Most famously, the Fender Mustang is a quirky short-scale electric guitar launched inthat later found favour with indie bands due to its cool shape and livery.

Joining it in the current-day corral are two new modelling amps that also use the Mustang moniker, but are as modern in specification as the Mustang guitar is now retro.

The lion's share of the Mustang II's spec is shared by the I, and you can assume that what goes for the bigger amp is the same for the smaller unless stated. In fact all that separates them is the output, speaker size and cabinet dimensions, all of which are listed in the spec check: the operating system we'll describe is the same.

The tones are based around eight amp models, with three versions of each: orange, red and green. They're accessed via a rotary pot that scrolls all the way through; all the oranges, then greens, then reds.

There are no menus to squint at, or multi-element LED displays to keep track of, so the Mustang is immediately easy to use. Although loaded with tones from the outset, the concept is that you set up a sound in the non-editable orange banks, then save it to the specific amp model's red or green equivalent. Press the save button, scroll between red and green, then save again and it's done. The models comprise three of Fender's best-known amps, two British options and a trio of higher gain amps.

All settings on the five-knob front panel, aside from the master volume, can be edited and saved. Alongside the amps are a choice of effects and Fender has resisted the temptation to overload the Mustang with all manner of unusable noises in favour of different types of the same denomination of effect: chorus and deep chorus, a slow and fast Vibratone and so on.

Just how the effects are chosen comes across as a little clumsy in print so we'd suggest checking out the embedded video demo to see exactly how it's done. The basic premise though, is straightforward. What's more, within each of these reside three effects - one, two, and three. There are no notches to guide you nor, as we've said, a display to refer to, so the system can be a little fiddly at first, but the three small LEDs above the mod button illuminate to denote which effect you've dialled in.

For example, the octaver can be found as modulation effect C3, so, to access it, you need to rotate the mod pot to segment C and then stop when the three bulb lights. What's more, the tap button not only regulates the delay time but can also be used to alter the speed of certain modulation effects. For deep editing of effects and tones the Mustang comes out of the box with a DVD that, among other things, gives access to Fender's Fuse software, which allows you to really dig down into the amp via your computer.

Firmware & Software

Even the most gnarly of luddites shouldn't be overly confused by this simple system. The Fender amp models are very impressive indeed. The '59 Bassman, the '65 Twin and '57 Deluxe options have much of their inspirations' tonality with the classic glassy treble and expansive low end present in absolute spades. Dial-in a smidge of the impressive '65 spring reverb and it sounds albeit doesn't particularly feel like the 'real' thing. There's no doubt that the II's inch speaker gives a better overall tone than the eight-inch loaded into the I, but that's not to say that the smaller Mustang doesn't sound good in its own right.

In fact, some of the Fender tones are twangier through the smaller speaker and can be warmed slightly by tweaking the EQ or adding a hint of phaser or tremolo. The watt II does offer more than enough poke to fulfil smaller gigs, however. The British 60s model, which provides a thick and usable overdrive, is very enjoyable, but the higher gain models - most notably the American 90s and Metal options - aren't up to the standard of the rest of the amp.

That said, we understand why Fender included them and, with a high-powered humbucker, they do provide an approximation of the correct feel for hard rock and metal. There's a rather involved method of utilising an optional two-way footswitch to flick between just two patches in real time but, for the simple enjoyment of playing for playing's sake, scrolling through the amp models is more than satisfying.

If you're umming and ahhing about which boutique five-watt valve combo you should buy for home use, do you yourself a favour and try one of these. Neither boutique nor expensive, they nonetheless deliver top tones for home playing and practising.

The Twin, Deluxe and Bassman models impress the most - good, usable sounds - while Metal feels like more of a box-ticking inclusion. For practice, laying down some demos and even getting in touch with other users online and swapping sounds, the Mustangs are a steal.

And thanks to the accuracy of many of its amp models, we're hard pushed to think of a better mix of vintage-inspired tones, price and modern technology. When compared with other modelling amps available today, the Mustangs could be considered a tad backward, but when the tones are as good as this, we'd urge you to adapt.

Tons of fun for not much money at all. MusicRadar The No. Virtual Guitar Show !By pwNovember 17, in Electric Guitars. Just got the Mustang I and really dig it so far. I can use Fuse with no problem but can't get Amplitube to work yet. Is anyone using this and can help me? Plugging the amp into my laptop running Windows 7 and just have the Realtek HD audio.

Fuse works with no problem. Amplitube loads, connects to the amp but when I select one of the presets, they're not working. I get sound from the amp but it is just from whatever preset I had left it on, it's not coming from the software. I can use the tuner on Amplitube and that worked fine, I could hear it through my amp.

Wish I could help. Been using it with Reaper software. I change the presets or modify in Fuse with Fuse on and I can hear the changes in Reaper. I have the mustang 2 amp and the free software. I think we may need to buy one of those usb connectors, but then why would they give it us free with these amps if we cant use it.

Here's what I do to get it to work playing through the amp. Plug the USB cable that came with the amp into your laptop. You can do a google search and find the link to download. I also had to install a new driver for Realtek HD audio as I just have standard sound and not a sound card on my laptop. Next under the output device, select HD audio output 1 and then 2. If you don't see these options, open the ASIO control panel and make sure that there is no red X beside the Mustang Amp and your sound card or the Realtek HD audio if you don't have a sound card.

Next I plug one end of the stereo cable into my headphone jack on my laptop and the other into the AUX jack on the amp. Then I'm able to use Amplitube through the amp.

You can also plug headphones into the headphone jack instead of running it through the amp.Remember Me? Please look here. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Does your Fender amp use Fuse? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Does your Fender amp use Fuse? Please look here If you own an amp that uses Fuse, I'm sure you're aware that Fender has now stopped all support of Fuse, including removing all of the presets and anything Fuse related from their website as of March 20, You used to be able to download them from Fuse.

Also, anyone that owns an amp that uses Fuse should email Fender and ask them to reconsider removing the presets from their website because many, many people still use these amps and need those presets. Especially people like me. Or people that buy new Mustang I V2 amp from Fender because they still sell them new on their website. But they'll make a decision like stopping all support for a product they still currently sell. I'm not sure if you can email fc pedal profiles or what.

I'd really appreciate it. And Fuse users, please email Fender and complain about them killing Fuse on an amp series they stopped producing only 3 years ago. Most companies provide support for 10 years after they discontinue a product. New players like me would really appreciate it. Thank you! Re: Does your Fender amp use Fuse? Please look here I own a Mustang II v2, and although I played with Fuse settings briefly, I found them more gimmicky than anything else.

Mustang GT Support

But in full disclosure mode, I'm not one to try to dial in someone else's sound.Check Price. If you want to be a serious musician, you need to have the right equipment. Cheap and second-rated gear can affect and downgrade the quality and impact of your sound.

For a guitarist, having the best guitar amp is part of having the right equipment. You want one that produces crisp, clear sound and one that offers tons of good options. Throw at an affordable price, and you get a steal!

does fender fuse work with mustang 2 full version

Just from the name Fender, you know you will be getting a quality product. Moreover, the Mustang I V2 amp has a pretty good reputation in the guitarist community as a solid choice for home practice and gigs.

does fender fuse work with mustang 2 full version

The Fender Mustang I V2 is the smallest amp in the Mustang series, with a black and silver sleek design. The range of features found on the Mustang I V2 can rival some of the larger, more expensive amps on the market.

does fender fuse work with mustang 2 full version

The controls on the Mustang are knob driven and on top of the amp. The amp models light up individual LEDs for each model type. The control panel features a Treble knob to control the high frequencies and a bass knob to control the lows, but there is no Middle knob to control over the mid-range. It may seem a bit confusing at first. However, you will get used to it in no time. There are buttons for saving, an exit button, a button to access the built-in tuner, a headphone jack, a jack for connecting an audio player, a jack to plug in your guitar, a jack for the optional footswitch, the power control and a USB jack to interface the amp with Fender Fuse or other audio software.

In addition to the 17 amp models, the effects are divided into four categories. These are StompboxModulationDelay, and Reverb. The preset selection is made up of eight amp models, each with three presets for a total of 24 presets in all.

You can directly save 24 presets on the amp, but you can also use the Fender FUSE software to add another 12 presets. Overall, you can save up to 36 presets. As an amp suitable for beginners, the range of effects and presets it offers is huge, compared to other models.

This software makes the controls function a breeze, as you can edit and save your presets online without turning a knob. Saving a new preset means you have to delete the old one, but with FUSE software, you can save it online and use it again later. Also, you can access a great deal more effects and tones available online. Another convenient feature is its auxiliary input and headphone output.I have a mustang v.

When I do, it says that fender is no longer supporting the fuse software. From what I've read, Microsoft discontinued Silverlight and that broke the software.

Oddly, it so works on one of my laptops, just not my newer one. Fuse still works for most people so get your signal chains tweaked to a point you're happy with before it stops working. Once it stops working, you'll only be able to use the knobs on the amp. Fine for basic tweaks, or changing modulation, but unfortunately not much help for fuzz and some other effects. I haven't used Fuse, but why can it do stuff that the knobs can't?

Are there hidden features that only the software unlocks? The Remuda android app works with the amp, too, in case the Fuse software doesn't work for you.

Don’t miss out!

Sorry for answering on this old post but, d mn, I'm frustrated right now. It says on Fuse's website that it's no longer supported, yada yada No link there too. I want to edit some of my presets because I added some gain pedals before the sim amp last year. Now I don't have an idea how to take them of. Edit: By the way, the champion is junk, in my opinion. Noisy and unreliable. If you like Fender's modeled sounds which IMO are fantasticand tweaking your signal chains, a better trade would be to find a used GT If you want simpler, limited effects with knobs to modify them as opposed to literally setting up dozens of controls on every piece of the signal chain When I was testing amps it was all down to budget concerns so my choices really then were just the Fenders.

I actually tested the Champion more than the Mustang and I was pretty happy with it. What I also liked about the Champion is its controls are so much like a classic amp. I just factory reset the thing actually and just decided to treat it like some complicated Champion with USB-out. Did you ever get a copy? I just bought a Fender Mustang Floor on eBay and went to grab the software and found out it's unavailable!

If this link does not work I'll find and reply the actual one. Just downloaded the installer fine from here, though it did take a while to download their shitty servers. So I guess it worked then? A few hours after sending I found a link to a folder of all the presets that where around at the time.

The folder was created inbut it's still got nearly ten thousand presets avalible. Actually I figured it out but when I try to import them to my fender g dec 30 it says invalid file. Is there anything for windows I literally bought one the other day not knowing they discontinued support March. The only thing you can do is look into how to build PLUG on Windows, I don't think there is anything else but it's kind of a shame, this is the last time I'll buy a fender amp because of that but i hope in the future we can get a nice modeling amp with open source software.

You should try Remuda for Android, it does everything the FUSE software did and with two android devices and bluetooth, it can make your mustang v. Not that I'm aware of. I am too. If anyone knows how I can simply download the presets and run them on my already installed Fuse app, please let me know.

Is it possible to do the stuff that FUSE did with other software? I hear Reaper is good but I'm not sure how much you can do with it. For example, I would like to adjust the mids on my Mustang I v.Also See for Mustang v. Quick Links. See also: Advanced Owner's Manual. Table of Contents. Also See for Fender Mustang v. Related Manuals for Fender Mustang v. Fender musical instrument amplifier user manual 21 pages. Summary of Contents for Fender Mustang v. Select amplifier models and adjust amplifier settings using the Amp menus.

EXP-1 Pedal Calibration The first time you connect the EXP-1 to your Mustang ampli- fier, you should calibrate it so that the desired range of pedal movement registers with the amplifier. Press the UTIL button repeatedly to step through each of the nine menus, listed below.

Turn the tuning peg on your guitar until the fine tuning Page Footswitch To update the firmware on your green footswitch indicator. Page 14 This product is covered by one or more of the following patents: US Pat. Carlos Pacheco, C. This manual is also suitable for: Mustang iii v. Print page 1 Print document 15 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up!

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