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Each project will have a project file created to ensure compliance with Imperial policy to meet national legislation requirements. The project file also provides an organised structure to effectively manage project administration. All project files are referenced with the project number and the project title.

This project number must be used on all project documentation.

construction project filing system template

Electronic filing and hard copy filing is created as standard for all projects. Electronic filing will be created on a College server or on BOX where applicable. The Project Manager is responsible for maintaining and populating their project file. The format and sub section organisation of both the electronic and the hard set of project files reflect the requirements for effective project management and to meet wider Imperial policy.

All project documentation shall be filed in the relevant titled folder or section of the hard or electronic project file. The Project Manager is given access to the file and is responsible for maintaining and populating the folders, providing access to external collaborators within the project team, where appropriate.

Although external Project Managers may also need to use their own company's filing system this does not preclude them from producing any project related document required from the Imperial project filing system.

How to Manage Filing Systems for Construction Projects

All Project Managers, internal and external, whilst employed on an Imperial project must be able to provide any project document on request immediately. Imperial College London is responsible under the Freedom of Information Act FOIA to provide on request from any party, any information, file or document without exception. Project Process Map.

construction project filing system template

Output Set up Project File. Maintaining Project Filing through Stages 0 to 7 The Project Manager is responsible for maintaining and populating their project file. Initial estimate of costs Stage 0 Responsibility Project Manager. Print Email.Construction projects require special filing because the documentation for each project becomes part of the public record. In addition, project files must occasionally be carried to external meetings and must be housed so that they are not incidentally lost.

Construction companies often work with a binder system, as well as a drawer filing system where blueprints are retained. A single project may require a series of binders that can be labeled according to their purpose, such as "accounting" or "legal.

Start the filing system as soon as the first document is generated for the project. Initial documents include a prospectus or a site appraisal. Open the binder. Press back simultaneously on the two metal tabs at the opposite ends of the metal apparatus in the middle of the binder. The rings should pop open with some resistance.

Set the left margin of the document in mouth of the hole punch just as it would look if you were to read it. Press down on the lever with heel of your hand. The document should have three evenly-spaced holes punched in a straight line down the left margin. Create labels for index tab dividers. Index tab dividers will separate each genre of document. Tab label stickers usually come with packaged sets of index tabs. Otherwise, most Avery labels are have a corresponding template preloaded into Microsoft Word for easy label printing.

Open Word to a blank document. Click "Tools" on the top toolbar. Click "Letters and Mailings," then "Envelopes and Labels. Click the label icon in the bottom right corner of the dialog box. Select an Avery template number located at the bottom or top of the label sheet from the drop-down menu. Click "OK. Click "New Document. Enter label names in each label section on the template. A label should be named to indicate what documents are in each section.

Remove labels one by one and attach to the tab section of the index divider. Dividers may already be hole-punched. Place documents in the binder under the relevant tab. For example, appraisals, surveys, soil tests, site approvals, eminent domain documents and escrow information will fall under the "Site Acquisition" tab.

As the binder fills up, add additional binders and move sections according to need. Accounting and legal will require their own binders as the project progresses.

File blueprints in a flat-drawer blueprint filing cabinet. Alternative blueprint filing systems include a stackable-roll filing cabinet or a rolling stand with pivot hangers.

The flat filing cabinet is the most efficient. Staple multiple blueprints together with the use of staple strips, which protect the integrity of the blueprint from the staple.Learning how to organize office filing systems is crucial for any business that handles a lot of invoices, receiptsand other documents.

Paperless offices sound great, but the reality is that many small businesses still need to store easily retrievable paper documents. It's important to know what files are most important, who needs to access them, and how they can be retrieved easily and efficiently.

Filing receipts and invoices properly is one of the most important things a small business needs to do. As a small business owneryou need to be able to operate at your desk swiftly and easily. Though setting up a paper filing system sounds difficult, it is a relatively easy task that can be made easier through a few filing tips and tricks. To get yourself and your business on the right track, follow five steps to make sure papers are easily accessible and easily identifiable.

Broad subject categories will allow you to easily add new files as you grow and will eliminate the need to upgrade or reorganize your filing system regularly. Keeping it simple also will make it easier to integrate your paper and digital files as part of your overall document management system. The copies must be clear and legible.

If not, the IRS or CRA may demand to see the original paper documents during an audit or routine request for documentation, so keep originals for the prescribed period of time. Management Data Management. Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. Receipts and Invoices.

Simple Is Best. Going Paperless. Reviewing Tax Laws. Continue Reading.In this article, you will find a roundup of the top construction Excel templates to help you plan, track, and manage your construction projects from start to finish. We've included brief descriptions of each template to guide you towards the best, most efficient way to use them. Included on this page, you'll find a construction timeline templatea construction budget templatea construction documentation trackera project punchlist templateand many more helpful templates.

Construction projects can have multiple phases and numerous tasks that are dependent on each other. If a task is not completed on time, it could delay dependent tasks and result in delayed completion of the entire project. Using a construction project timeline template tracks the progress of your project, allows you to identify risk early and ensures that the project is completed within the time specified in the contract.

In this template you can list all of the tasks necessary to complete the project, as well as track the beginning and completion dates, and estimated duration. Smartsheet enables you to track each project with its own dedicated project sheet and get a unified view across all projects in a dashboard. Monitor tasks across projects and capture on-site issues through a simple form on desktop or mobile. Watch a free demo.

The construction budget template is helpful for both building and remodeling projects. Additionally, while the construction project is underway, use this spreadsheet as a baseline to track whether you are over or under your budgeted amounts. Depending on the type of construction project, a contractor may need to provide their own estimate for work. Use this template to list the work items needed, along with associated costs, and a total estimate at the bottom.

construction project filing system template

Depending on the type of construction project, there could be hundreds of bid items that combined make up the final bid amount. A bid tabulation template is a great tool to verify that the final bid amount is accurately calculated. It is often helpful and sometimes even necessary to request bids from multiple contractors or subcontractors for the work you would like completed.

By listing each contractor along with their bid amounts and qualifications, you can quickly assess and rank the bids received.

For construction projects that include subcontractors, keeping track of documentation like contracts, licenses and contact information is important to staying organized. Also, depending on the type of project, collecting and submitting subcontractor documentation may be a requirement and could result in project delays if not submitted in a timely manner. Use this template to track subcontractor information, scope of work and contract details. Construction projects often require a significant amount of documentation be tracked throughout the project duration.

From plans and specifications to inspection reports and weekly progress schedules, keeping these details organized could help expedite the project closeout process. Using a construction documentation tracker template will ensure that you request and receive all required documentation, and enable you to quickly locate items when needed.We were working together on a project and he was the PM. The sheets were frayed and had been walked on, and were covered with red-lines from his fat no.

Somehow chaos works for him.

Calculating Hourly Rates for a Contractor or Small Business

I continue to tweak it as needed and it is constantly evolving. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Main folder: Administrative: All items pertaining to the business and operations aspect of running a firm or office, from employee reviews to business plans.

It also contains technical articles, manufacturers reports, and building codes. At my current job, I have a folder that contains documents that I created describing the processes and procedures of taking a project through the state system.

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Post to Cancel.Project management documentation is critical to the success of a construction project. A documentation system that allows for easy document filing and quick retrieval means that it will be used. And we all know that the project documentation system used is the best system. It is successful with both small and large projects alike. Most importantly, the PM-File Project Management Documentation Filing System keeps track of consultant, contractor and vendor responsibilities, deliverables and deadlines.

Because of its simple, repeatable fashion, it is easily learned by and teaches the novice good, solid project management skills. This system was first used with document hard copies, but is equally useful with electronic documents as well. The system is based on the premise that each individual contract between the owner and all designers, consultants, contractors and vendors is treated as its own sub-project.

This is distinctively different than systems that divide a project into task-based categories, such as the familiar or division specification format. The contract basis of project division reflects the fact that all costs of a project flow through agreements, and those contracts define an individual scope of work, schedule and payment requirements.

Excel Construction Management Templates

The sum of all the sub-projects in other words the sum of all contracts is what creates the project. Each sub-project is broken down into common categories and project documentation is recorded into each category.

Rather than the traditional method of organizing a project by task and afterward grouping vendor contracts under a task, this system organizes the project by each vendor contract which then defines the tasks under the contract.

This subtle difference greatly simplifies the tracking of each project contractor and each project task due to the inherent requirements of the individual contract.

For every construction project, each contractor or vendor contract is given its own scope of work, schedule and payment requirements as identified in the agreement.

This system of construction project management documentation provides a detailed and permanent record of the construction project. The PM-File system consists of saving project documents and records of construction events into easily retrieved categories of deliverables common to all construction projects.

The PM-File system breaks down the construction project into individual sub-projects that are made up of, and governed by, their own individual contracts. Each contract or agreement here called a sub-project has its own scope of work, schedule, and payment requirements.

These requirements are managed as the building blocks of the Project Management Documentation Units. Each construction project related contract or purchase order gets a file folder with these subfolders:. We just ask that you return here with comments, suggestions for improvements, or offer to share something you've developed.

Effective project management is just part of good practice. We hope that all project managers have as much success as we have with this project management documentation technique. We are always looking for simple and better systems, techniques, and knowledge that can help us do a better job for our clients.

We would love to learn what you have to offer. For example, have you found a simple process to complete a complex project management or engineering task? Everyone has something to share. If you find that this system is useful, please offer a comment at the bottom of this page, name a favorite program or book, or something else to share that can help others to perform their project management job better.

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