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For years, all BMW models have been equipped with an alarm system that lets the driver know if the temperature drops below 37 degrees in order to remind drivers that road conditions may be slippery.

This beep is simply a reminder that the temperature has reached a point where the weather could be affected. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off the chime that happens when the temperature reaches 37 degrees.

bmw warning chime

Although it may not seem like that big of a deal to some, those living in colder climates tend to think the alarm is irritating. The 37 degree cold weather alarm is associated with a heating element in the engine air intake system, so it will automatically go off as soon as the vehicle recognizes the temperature drop.

If this chime is something that you simply cannot bear, drivers have had it coded out my a professional. Those interested in learning more about how the cold weather warning works in their BMW are welcome to contact us here at Pacific BMW for details.

Drivers in need of a service appointment are encouraged to schedule one online with our certified technicians. Your email address will not be published. Open Today! Look for this link on your favorites: Save. Why does my BMW chime at 37 degrees? April 10th, by Pacific BMW. Share this Post:. How can I turn off the cold temperature warning in my BMW? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Select A Series:. Find Us On. Search For:.

Search By Keyword. Choose How To Share:. Pacific BMW View Full Version : Warning chime. It's that time of year where I leave for work while it's dark and get to work after the sun is up.

Leaving work last night I found I'd left my lights on and the battery was dead. This is the second time this has happened to me in about a month. I'm used to having a chime my old VWbut the i only gives me the warning message. Is their a fuse I should be checking, something else or does the e34 not have a chime?

AFAIK e34 doesn't have a lights-on chime. I get a chime when I leave my lights on and open the door with the car off. Maybe it doesn't do this in US spec E34s? I get an annoying buzzer when I leave lights on and remove the key from ignition. Yep, I chime too. My '94 chimes at me when I leave the lights on, after I turn off the car and open the door.

The speaker inside the chime unit under the dash can burn out. Does it chime at other times, like if you pull the parking brake while you're moving or turn on the hourly chime on the OBC? If your gong is on the fritz I get a single chime and the warning on my US spec but picked up in Germany and driven there until The chime unit is clipped to the under-dash panel between the steering column and pedals.

Take the panel down and you can't miss it. Schatze has no chime at all. Time to look under the dash I guess, my Uncle was the previous owner. I'm having lunch with him, so I'll ask. For the enlightenment and edification of the masses, I have provided a picture of the interior of the gong unit. Note the 80 ohm, half watt speaker in the bottom of the unit. That is usually the offending organ. By the way, 80 ohm is not an error.

Using a garden-variety 8 ohm impedance mini speaker will cause the electronics to fail. Some folks have apparently tried putting a resistor in line with an 8 ohm speaker, with a drastic reduction in volume.

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We will get through this together. Updated: January 16, References. It is common knowledge that you should wear your seat belt while driving. Yet, there are many situations where a factory seat belt alarm can become a nuisance.

Supported coding options

For example, if you are driving on a farm at low speeds with many stops, you may not need a seat belt. More urban situations, such as taking your wallet out in a drive-through or letting your dog ride shotgun, can also be unpleasant with a constant ding.

Luckily, it is usually possible to disable this seat belt alarm. To stop a seat belt alarm from going off, you can purchase a seat belt alarm stopper at a scrap yard or from the manufacturer. One option is to buy an unattached clip that is inserted into the seat belt receptacle and will stop the alarm from going off.

The other is an extender that provides an additional seat belt receptacle, which allows the user to fasten their seat belt while stopping the alarm. For more tips on stopping your seat belt alarm safely, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. As the COVID situation develops, our hearts ache as we think about all the people around the world that are affected by the pandemic Read morebut we are also encouraged by the stories of our readers finding help through our site.

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Learn moreTo make this work, the car has to be equipped with an alarm system. Please note that it is not possible to enable the Active Sound Design for cars that are not equipped with this option by factory. If this function is active, the last used air circulation setting will be restored during the next start of the car.

Seat belt chime

If this function is active, the last used air conditioning setting will be restored during the next start of the car. The brightness of the angel eyes with low beam or parking lights.

Use a backup to revert this coding once it has been applied. Please note that this coding has to be carried out for both headlights left and right separately. The maximum volume that is saved when the iDrive system is shut off and restored automatically on the next start-up. During convenient closing the windows are closed and the power folding mirrors are folded. To trigger convenient closing the lock button on the remote control has to be pressed and held.

For convenient closing with the Comfort Access the door handle has to be touched and held at the ribbed surface. For convenient closing with the remote control, the lock button has to be pressed and held.

During convenient opening the windows are opened and the power folding mirrors are unfolded. For a convenient opening the unlock button on the remote control has to be pressed and held. When using Comfort Access, the door handle has to be gripped and held. For convenient opening with the remote control, the unlock button has to be pressed and held. Enable the full display of text messages while driving. The animation that is displayed when the iDrive system is started. Please note that the animation is not visible every time you start the car, but only under certain circumstances.

The displayed values of the tire pressure control in the iDrive system. Please note that the car has to be equipped with the required sensors to make this work. Please note that this option works only if the car is equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster.

Please toggle the displayed information in the board computer with the button in the indicator lever until the specific display appears. The car is locked automatically again if it has been unlocked and no door has been opened within the set time. The lighting switch position where the automatic light control is active. For this function to work, the car has to be equipped with power folding mirrors.

Make sure the button in the door for selecting the mirror is set to the driver side also. Please note that the Sport Displays are not working in all cars, depending on the engine.

The delay when opening the boot lid with the remote control. This value can be increased to prevent accidental openings of the boot lid. The tailgate function that is triggered when the button in the storage compartment in the driver door is pulled up. The tailgate function that is triggered when the button in the storage compartment in the driver door is pushed down. Enable video playback from USB storage media.

Disable the warning that is displayed when using one of the cameras.

bmw warning chime

Disable the warning that is displayed when using the night vision camera. Disable the warning that is displayed when the iDrive system is started. Active Sound Design. Air conditioning.Discussion in ' E60 ' started by pjlanJun 26, Log in or Sign up.

bmw warning chime

Seat belt chime. Post Count: 2 Likes Received Recently purchased an '07 i e Love the car with one exception. Is there a way to turn down the volume on the seat belt chime? I recently drove an '09 3 series and it had a volume setting for this. Does dealer service have a way to adjust this volume, as it's really way too loud!? My dealer says they can't do this, however, I know there are many changes that can be made through programming. Any help would be appreciated. Post Count: Likes Received The volume control is new so there is no way to accomplish this on an older car.

In addition, it only chimes when the car is on and the driver is not belted in - something that typically only happens for a few seconds. Jonathan SpiraJun 28, Chime volume Thanks for the reply. I agree that the time is usually short for the seat belt chime, however, the same chimes are used for other warnings as well while driving. I appreciate the warnings, but I'd appreciate a setting that warns, not startles!

BMW E61 warning chime

I guess I'll just get used to it. Post Count: 3 Likes Received How about disabling the chimes? Is there a way to totally disable the seatbelt chimes?

Post Count: 3, Likes Received I just purchased on 07 as well, and the seat belt chime drives me crazy too! So far I have not found anyway to disable it. I know other cars domestics actually seem to be able to disable the chime very easily, as was the case in an 05 ford ranger and an 08 dodge charger that I had. The car is equipped with some of the most sophisticated safety equipment in the industry Law enforcement agents need not reply.

Post Count: 1, Likes Received If people buckled up on their own intiative, we probably wouldn't have these chimes! Barring some built-in volume attenuation as per the 3-series you droveperhaps some muffling? Question is, where's the chime, how easily accessible is it - and, what else uses the chime; there might be other functions where you would want that chime volume.Just bought my first BMW, coming from Audi.

A CPO E91 auto. All is great, a couple of minor comparisons to the Audi, A4 Avant, A6 sedan, now, stillan A4 sedanwon't bore you with them now. Car seems ok, so far, all is well The GONG!! Holy Moley! When I open the car door the symphony Gong starts in, quick I live in Maine, it sounds every time I get in the carit sounds again when I put my laptop bag on the passenger seat, thinks someone is sitting there and not doing up their belt?!

What to do! How to turn off, down, pull fuses? Cut wires?? Please help!! We had an 07 E91; not sure it ever bothered me? Yes you will get a gong below 37 degrees. Every time. Options are sell the car or wait till spring. I think just about any car will sense a weight in the front seat; not sure that is unique to BMW.

If you look in the glovebox, you will find a fuse placard and the fusebox. I suppose you could locate the door chime fuse and pulll it, is about the only thing i can think of. Ok I will look for the fuse box But no way to turn it down? It plays through all 10 speakers!Today I had a weird experience.

The radio control does not bring up the radio's volume, the phone no longer sync's with my Android, and I keep getting the check service for the gas cap loose. Now I admit to having 15watt angel eye enhancement done and I haven't checked the fuses in the trunk yet. Anyone ever have these issues? Hi, this is a problem with your MOST fibre optic network. Did you remvoe a CD changer by any chance?

Thanks I had 15w bulbs installed for the angel eyes. I would not be surprised if that is not the cause. I will have to contact the garage that did the install and find out if they know the remedy.

Q: Warning chime sounding for no apparent reason.

I called the shop that installed the 15w LED Angel Eye bulbs and they agreed to go over their work to find out if they caused the break down of the fiber optics. Thanks for the tip.

bmw warning chime

In other words, from the least expensive remedy search to the costly. When I bought my E60, the seller was telling me that the car needed an amp, mainly because there were no audio sounds whatsoever I also received one key fob. No door chimes, no key in ignition, no seatbelt warning sound, and no radio noises, despite iDrive being functional as I can still go through each menu and submenu.

My car has the Logic7 audio system. I get it to work by first pressing and holding the mute button, and then doing the same on the DVD and CD eject buttons by doing all three buttons together. I have only checked the fuses both in the glove box compartment and in the trunk. But I do not think this fuse is the issue because as soon as I remove it, all electronics get "stuck" i.

I should add that I have not checked the amp, but supposedly "light" is to be coming from it I do not see this light, even at night. I still have no sound, BUT I have learned to appreciate the sound of the car with the windows down :drive:. I will find out tomorrow what the problem is.

Will post the resolution on Thursday nite. Stay tuned. Concerning Rebel. Ranter's posted picture of the fibre optic connecter, I freaked out about this when I first saw this cable by itself in the glove compartment. I kept thinking that it had to be connected somewhere, maybe to something that is missing in the glove compartment like this large empty slot where a CD Changer should go on the right hand side over the fuses Maybe someone knows about this like a symptom indicator of the cause?

I had to troubleshoot this on my own beacuse the stealership wanted me to buy another battery:mad:. I said f that and hooked up the baviantech and got to troubleshooting. Traced all the connection that the fiber connects to and bam TCU was the culprit which i kinda figured because it was in the area where the water got in i. The stealership tried to say my trunk drain hose was clogged.

They where just shooting from the hip and didn't give me premium service by not trouble shooting the issue. They were acting like a sales guy which I hate.

So that lead me to do my own work.

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