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A submarine is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater. It differs from a submersible, which has more limited underwater capability. Although experimental submarines had been built before, submarine design took off during the 19th century, and they were adopted by several navies. Submarines were first widely used during World War I —and now figure in many navies large and small.

Military uses include attacking enemy surface ships merchant and militaryattacking other submarines, aircraft carrier protection, blockade running and reconnaissance.

The navy best known to use submarines during the 2nd world war is Germany, although other navies had submarines relatively in high amount such as the IJN whom possess midget submarines, medium-range submarines, purpose-built supply submarines and long-range fleet submarines.

They also had submarines with the highest submerged speeds during World War II Iclass submarines and submarines that could carry multiple aircraft Iclass submarines.

They were also equipped with one of the most advanced torpedoes of the conflict, the oxygen-propelled Type Nevertheless, despite their technical prowess, Japan chose to utilize its submarines for fleet warfare, and consequently were relatively unsuccessful, as warships were fast, maneuverable and well-defended compared to merchant ships.

Navy, destroyed over 30 percent of the Japanese Navy, including 8 aircraft carriers, 1 battleship and 11 cruisers. US submarines also destroyed over 60 percent of the Japanese merchant fleet, crippling Japan's ability to supply its military forces and industrial war effort. Its major operating areas were around Norway, in the Mediterranean against the Axis supply routes to North Africaand in the Far East.

In that war, British submarines sank 2 million tons of enemy shipping and 57 major warships, the latter including 35 submarines. Among these is the only documented instance of a submarine sinking another submarine while both were submerged. In Azur Lane, submarines function as support type ships, which unlike the other ship classes are not controllable by the player.

Furthermore they have the following quirks:. From Azur Lane Wiki. Usage in Azur Lane In Azur Lane, submarines function as support type ships, which unlike the other ship classes are not controllable by the player.

Furthermore they have the following quirks: Submarines can only be deployed on X-4 of each world world 3 and onwardX-3 of each world chapter 8 and onwardX-2 chapter 10 and onwardX-1 chapter 11 and onwardSOS Rescue Missionsand event stages.

They have a limited hunting rangeas shown by a red grid on the stage map. They move 2 spaces for everytime you move your fleet regardless the distance your fleet does. If an enemy fleet is present within their hunting range, they'll submerge and emerge at their target location and attack it after you move your fleet.

Damage varies by your submarine's overall strength. This consumes their ammo supply. Summoning them consumes their ammo supply and fuel dictated by their fuel cost. Once summoned they'll attack all present enemies until they run out of oxygen and are forced to resurface and eventually retreat.

Submarines have a certain amount of oxygen supply, which once runs out they'll resurface and become vulnerable to attacks. They can still fight back using the DD guns equipped to them.

Their automatic movement can be disabled on the formation menu. You can adjust the position of subs, this will cost oil depending on the number of tiles and number of subs on the fleet.

Subs will use the new tile as the center of their hunting range. Subcategories This category has the following 11 subcategories, out of 11 total. B B1 class B3 class. G Gato class.

azur lane submarine guide

H Hololive class. K Kaidai class. S Surcouf class. A Albacore. B Bluegill. C Cavalla.Drawing Book: You need to Color the image of the drawing book to do so you need to defeat enemy boss fleet from normal maps to get color. Once Triggered, talk to Ayanami at the academy for daily missions. Since it is already pass the 7 days since event start, not sure, but you can try performing all 7 quests in one day. Core data is not removed after the event is finished. Future Simulation events will use the same Core data, meaning stocking extra will carry over to the next Simulation event.

Clicking Hosho in the Academy screen where she's wandering around the field, gives quests toward obtaining her QiXi costume. She adds a new quest Daily. Two event maps, with a choice of normal or hard.

If you switch from hard back to normal, progress on hard is reset? Successful sorties reward PT points. Clearing maps also give a reward shown below. Event will be split into even maps and a Mirror image map mode. Both map types will grant PT points which you use to redeem for event rewards. As you pick it states that if you choose normal, or change to normal after selecting hard you cannot access hard again until you have cleared all of the event maps. There are two chapters of 4 maps.

A and B for normal and C and D for hard. Dropped ships and rates differ between normal and hard, those desiring all ships are recommended to do hardmode. To participate in this part of the event, you need to click the replication button at the bottom of the screen, where the Commission button usually sits.

azur lane submarine guide

You can clear the map once per day. In this mode you pick 8 Scout fleet ships and 7 Main fleet ships to form your fleet. Afterwords you are taken to a confirm screen and set up your initial fleet, as well as select which friend's flagship you wish to use. After all this set up you are taken to a rather linear map which three fleets spawn.

These fleets are randomly generated from existing players fleets, with ships they own selected to battle. These increase in difficulty with each set of battles. Married ships with the name changes can also appear. Each fleet name is the name of the player it belonged to.

Your ships do not heal after each battle, you can however switch which of your selected 16 ships you use each battle; so careful play and saving your strongest ships until later on is recommended. Each victory will reward a gradually increasing amount of Pt with the 10th battle spawning alone as a finale giving a large number of Pt for victory. Once you have obtained victory over the 10th and finale fleet you have to wait until you are able to reset the map to participate again.

Complete 7 summer daily quests and get a Cygnet swimsuit skin. The skins will still be available for purchase after the event.September 23, Return to Index. Torpedo Bomber Overview Unlike fighters and dive bombers, the base damage stats in game actually refer to their torpedo damage for some reason.

So it's actually okay to look at the stats in game. The stat you see in game is what you get in terms of torpedo damage. Torpedo damage is what matters, and it's accurately reflected in game.

Therefore you can use your best judgment regarding using a T2 plane by comparing torpedo base damage. Torpedo bombers can carry two kinds of torpedoes: 1. Common: This type of torpedoes travel in parallel to each other in straight lines from your side of the screen to the enemy's in a sweeping pattern.

Good for AOE coverage. Sakura: This type of torpedoes attemp to aim at specific enemies and travel in their directions. Found on Japanese torpedo bombers. Some of the torpedo bombers have kamikaze damage that are twice as much as the highest dive bombers and fighters.

The torpedoes used by these planes have different armor modifiers as surface ship torpedoes. Takeoff CD.

Azur Lane Explain: Submarines Tier List (April 2020)

Flying Speed. Touchdown Dmg. HP CV at Lv Firing Angle. The purple T2 version of this plane is also very good. It has identical kamikaze damage but worse stats otherwise. Nakajima B6N Tenzan. Torpedo damage is lower than the gold Barracuda, but the aiming pattern is useful against slow-moving or stationary targets mostly bosses. For those situations, Barracuda is not going to hit with all of its torps, but this will. For clearing many enemies this is not great, because it lacks AOE.

Also terrible against fast moving enemies. It will just miss because torpedoes move slowly. Kamikaze damage is much lower than the Barracuda. Generally not recommended for PvP. Also not recommended because the Sakura pattern will miss against enemy front row, unless you keep restarting the battle until RNG lets you hit them some claim that this is actually a viable tactic early on.Leveling ships is one of the core systems of advancement in Azur Lane.

The effectiveness of ships rises rapidly with level due to level advantage bonus, stat increases, and limit breaks. Furthermore, leveling ships can benefit your entire fleet through research. Leveling ships requires them to earn EXP, which in turn consumes resources such as oil, time, various types of limited slots, and your attention. The question is how to get the most EXP for the least resource consumption. In terms of "hard" resources, oil is the main limiting factor on earning XP.

Sorties, major commissions, and dorm food all consume oil. As such, if you want to earn lots of XP, you should maximize the amount of that you earn:. If you play actively, combat will be the largest source of XP for ships. However, it does take the most attention of all sources of XP. Effectively, you are getting either 1. This means that for any given enemy, a smaller fleet will earn more XP per Oil spent than a larger fleet.

Therefore, in many cases, the minimum-size fleet is the best choice, especially when farming event maps that don't require a larger fleet to finish.

Guide: Leveling

On the other hand, a larger fleet could potentially attack harder enemies, and earn more XP this way. This will be explored in later sections. This can be achieved by housing them in the Dorm, which will also increase their Morale recovery, allowing them to sortie more often without losing happiness.

None of these are particularly good at combat, so they work best when supporting two stronger shipgirls of their type. Harder enemies usually give more XP. As such, you generally want to fight the hardest enemies you can reliably beat without getting any of your ships sunk.

Larger normal fleets give extra XP.September 13, More hidden stats and mechanics will be added and discussed. More importantly, this will also add the new equipments introduced between now and the last update which was months ago. Fighters VIII. Dive Bombers IX. Torpedo Bombers X. The firing arc allows them to go past shields as torpedoes do.

HE shells are very much preferred in PvE. Not only because HE is effectitve against most enemies you see, but more because AP has very punishing modifiers against light armored ships. To see all ammo modifiers, click here.

DPS, although still useful, is a much less important factor when evaluating the strength of a BB gun. Therefore, calculating timeframe and damage per salvo is far more relevant. One thing to note is that HE shells from BB guns are the primary source of fire damage. Read more. Return to Index Destroyer Main Gun Overview The purpose of destroyer main guns can be either skill trigger or damage output. This lends to two kinds of min-max design for these guns: 1. Damage focused. Ammo modifier is highly unfavorable for DD guns that fire AP shells.

Normal shells are also lackluster. Therefore when possible, HE guns should be your primary choice. Click here to see all gun ammo modifiers. Destroyer guns have degrees of turret rotations so characters using these guns can hit enemies in all directions, including backwards. Regarding range stats: In-Game Range: Purpose unclear. Acquisition Range: The maximum distance from an enemy for the gun to rotate and attempt to aim.

Firing range: The maximum distance from an enemy for the gun to fire. If enemy moved outside of firing range after the gun fired, shells can travel up to 10 more distance units t….Anti-Submarine Warfare in Azur Lane refers to the mechanics behind battling enemy submarines. If you are looking for allied submarine mechanics, view the Submarines category page or Anti-Submarine Equipment.

Note that Stage must be cleared before this can be accessed.

List of Submarine Torpedoes

SOS Signals replenish over time, even while the player is offline. Specifically, every 30 minutes gives a chance for a SOS Signal to appear.

If the signal does not appear after 16 attempts, or 8 hours, then a signal is guaranteed to appear. Note that signals gained this way cannot exceed your maximum dictated by the Signal Sensitivity. Currently, these devices are only obtainable from system mail. You will start at sensitivity level 1, and it will raise as your Signal Range increases.

At level 1, you can store a maximum of 1 SOS Signal, and at level 2 you can store a maximum of 2 signals, and so on. Currently, the highest Signal Sensitivity is level 8. Signal Range starts at chapter 3, and increases when you meet two conditions:. For example, if your Signal Range is chapter 4, and you wish to increase the range to chapter 5, you must both clear and S-rank the boss node on the chapter 4 SOS Rescue Mission, as well as complete stage in chapter 5.

Since you cannot receive a SOS Rescue Mission for a chapter you already have an active rescue mission on, it is recommended to use multiple SOS Signals before attempting the rescue missions, such that you have increased odds of finding the rescue mission needed to increase Signal Range. SOS Rescue Missions are unique stages where you will battle enemy submarines and earn exclusive rewards related to submarines.

This search consumes 1 SOS Signal.

azur lane submarine guide

After confirmation, you will be directed to the world map chapter where the stage was found. The chapter selected is random, from chapter 3 up to the chapter indicated by your Signal Range. Note that the rescue mission expires in 12 hours from the time it was opened. Retreating will not cause the mission to disappear, only completing it or allowing the timer to run out. These stages have the following properties:. As of the June 28th update, it is no longer required to eliminate all enemy submarines to clear regular nodes, however, clearing the boss node still requires destroying the Elite enemy submarine.

The equipment blueprint drops unlocked with increasing Signal Sensitivity are shown below. Combating enemy submarines has one crucial component, at least one ship in the escort fleet must have a Sonar equipped.

The sonar allows enemy submarines to be revealed and attacked with depth charges from your escort fleet. It is also highly recommended to equip Depth Charge Launchers as they boost the damage of depth charges on the ship they are equipped on. Both Sonars and Depth Charge Launchers are auxiliary slot equipment. Take note of the following:.

In battle, the Sonar range is shown with a solid line circle. Enemy submarines that enter this range will be revealed if the sonar is detecting submarines, and the enemy submarine will stay revealed for a few seconds.

At this point you must move your escort fleet close to the revealed submarine, and depth charges will be automatically launched. From Azur Lane Wiki. Category : Gameplay. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 18 Februaryat Thank you very much Sofia. We were able to see the midnight sun because of nordic visitor they have planned our tour very well and the local guides were very co operative.

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